An act of kindness |

An act of kindness

I wanted to write to you about the incredible act of kindness displayed by one of the residents in your area — Frank Kasparian. We were at the Mondavi Center in Davis for a talk by Pete Souza, Obama’s White House photographer, last week. There was a book signing and sale of his book “Obama-An Intimate Portrait” at the end of the event. I met Mr. Kasparian for the first time when he was standing in a long line with me waiting to purchase the book. Unfortunately after almost an hour’s wait, they ran out of books, and Mr. Kasparian bought the very last remaining copy and gifted it to me (it was a gift for my teenage daughter who originally had a ticket, could not attend because of SAT’s the next day). Not only that, he also bought a companion children’s book for my younger son. Kindness from a stranger makes one believe that there is still so much good in this fragmented chaotic world.

Dr. Gayatri Mahajan


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