Amanda Wilcox: Gun Violence Restraining Order can save lives |

Amanda Wilcox: Gun Violence Restraining Order can save lives

Regarding a Feb. 19 Associated Press story that ran in The Union, “Few states let courts take guns from people deemed a threat,” the Gun Violence Restraining Order law not only could have saved the lives of students in Parkland, Florida, but it could have saved my daughter’s life here in Nevada County.

In fact, Laura’s story helped get the law passed in California. 

In 2001, Laura was working at the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department when a person with severe untreated mental illness shot her four times at point blank range, killing her instantly. By the end of the rampage shooting, three people were dead, three were injured, and our community was left shaken. 

The shooter’s family, girlfriend, and case worker were extremely worried about him. They knew he had guns. Yet, because he had never been involuntarily hospitalized for mental illness or committed a crime, the shooter did not have a firearm prohibition. After many shootings, we often hear that family members or others were concerned about violence. California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order law enables family members or law enforcement to petition the court for a temporary firearm prohibition when a person is at risk to self or others by having a firearm.

Learn about the law at  The lives of those you love may depend on it.

Amanda Wilcox

Penn Valley

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