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Ah, yes, the “Truth”

I'm writing in response to Mr. Keeble's Other Voices (July 18).

Keeble's article was on a good track and making sense until he began talking about President Trump. At that juncture, he inserted his own "truth" about the facts thus jumping off the rails of truth and showing his hostility. I'm sure that the public, and me for sure, would love to hear his explanation of the facts and truth surrounding all the scandals of Hillary Clinton just in the past four years, never mind going back further than that.

Isn't it curious that there has been no actual indictment of a crime charged against Trump even though the media and the Democrats have tried many times to shuffle the facts to create one? Isn't it also curious that this is mostly all that the media talks about? Perhaps that's why there are more so-called "facts" surfacing every day. And, still no indictment. I wonder what the result would have been if the media had worked as feverishly at trying to indict Clinton as they are to indict President Trump? I think Hillary would have been in jail already.

Claudia Taylor

Lake of the Pines

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