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A persistent question

What quality does this man possess that moves people so? Is it clarity and eloquence of expression? Is it the unwavering commitment to principle? Is it his impeccable word? His inspired and inspiring leadership? Is it the promise to surround himself with the best and the brightest? The promise of a fair-minded economy-for-all? Is it the promise of bringing peace to our city streets? Is it a dedication to unite and rebuild a divided and crumbling nation? The zeal for a sustaining and visionary ecological policy?

Is it his charm and good taste? Is it fidelity and family values, his moral model for young men? Is it his humble and analytical response to criticism? His elegance, reason, and maturity? Could it be that innate and benevolent love of humanity? His passion for hard work, the earthy respect he holds for those who gather the harvest in from the fruited plain? Is it the expressions of rapture and reverie for an evening’s sunset as it illuminates our purple mountains’ majesty?

And what of his base? What uncurious thought fuels such base loyalty?

Nory Fussell

Nevada City

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