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A house divided

Memorial Day is behind us for another year — and our focus was primarily on recent wars fought overseas. Our own civil war was more tragic; 620,000 deaths, and potentially disastrous; a divided nation over slavery. The ‘North’ itself was not unified in supporting President Lincoln or his decisions.

This from the website, http://www.mrlincolnandfriends.com, a comment on Lincoln’s choice and support of General Grant.

The editor of the Cincinnati Gazette wrote, “Our noble army of the Mississippi is being wasted by the foolish, drunken, stupid Grant. He cannot organize or control or fight an army. I have no personal feeling about it; but I know he is an ass.”

Grant, not a politician, was later elected president — the controversy continued but the Union survived. Today I often read similar opinions about our elected president.

Might we be wiser to remember, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Lincoln’s speech, 1958 and Mark 3:25.

When another president is chosen, and more to the current complainers wishes, will similar opinions be welcome and useful?

Arthur H. Krugler

Grass Valley

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