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Letters to the editor

Blood donors needed

The mobile blood unit of Blood Source of Sacramento sponsored by The Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Pink Ladies will visit the Grass Valley United Methodist Church on Thursday, Nov. 21, from noon until 6 p.m. to receive blood donations. There is plenty of parking behind the church on School Street.

You must weigh at least 110 pounds, be over 17 years of age (16 with parents’ written permission), and be in good health. Bring a photo ID and eat and drink plenty of fluids.

This month, all donors will receive a free 30-minute phone card.

The Pink Ladies will serve you their great cookies, brownies, and liquid refreshments. The need for blood remains great and constant. Come and donate. See you there.

Don Schmidt

Grass Valley

Political paranoia not backed by evidence

The Union does a good job printing intelligent, well-reasoned letters that reflect a variety of viewpoints. However, to run the letter today captioned “The deaths of liberal Democrats suspicious” (Nov. 6) is irresponsible and dangerous.

This letter reflects nothing more than the writer’s paranoia about an imaginary right-wing Republican conspiracy, without a shred of evidence. The Union should take a closer look at letters like this, and the writer should wake up and smell the coffee. Liberalism is dying for sure, but fantasy plots aren’t what’s killing it. Off-the-wall inferences like this do pretty well all by themselves.

David R. Newell

Grass Valley

Motorists: Turn on lights

My fiance and I recently moved down to Roseville from Grass Valley, but we still work up here, so we now commute. As I drove up here this morning, I was amazed to see no fewer than 10 people driving through dark, rainy weather with no lights or just parking lights on — many of them while driving on Highway 49, which is a headlight test section.

I find this quite dangerous — especially if the vehicle is dark in color. I wonder how many accidents could be avoided if people turned on their lights in inclement weather.

I suggest that everyone think about not only themselves, but all the other people on the road as well. Your headlights and taillights are not only for your own convenience. They are also for your own safety as well as that of everyone around you.

Casey Dax


Why not forgive teen?

I can’t believe the wonderful opportunity that was missed when, instead of trying to help a troubled young boy who made a terrible mistake, his accusers labeled him as a monster. I am referring to the recent trial of a teenager who held his science class hostage in Carmichael.

Can you imagine the healing that would have taken place if only someone would have said, “I forgive you, let us try to sort out the anger and reasons for your actions?” A 13-year-old boy might have found the strength he needed to turn his life around and become a productive member of society.

Now, both sides part to harbor resentment and unresolved anger that will become a part of them for the rest of their lives. When you choose not to forgive, you choose to suffer.

Carol Larson

Grass Valley

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