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Letters to the Editor

Nevada City council

is being irresponsible

I attended the Nevada City City Council meeting on Nov. 12 at which the street closure for Mardi Gras was discussed. I learned that:

1. Open containers of alcohol are allowed on the streets of Nevada City during certain special events. The Chamber of Commerce is expecting that Mardi Gras will be one of these events.

2. It was admitted that calling the event “Mardi Gras” was an open invitation to come to Nevada City for a “drunken revelry.” Police chief Trovato stated that, even with promised help, a large drunken crowd could not be controlled.

3. Injuries and arrests for drunkenness marred this year’s Joe Cain Day festivities – the forerunner of next year’s Mardi Gras. What about liability? Nevada city is self-insured.

4. Councilman Arnett bemoaned the fact that the message we are sending our young people by endorsing Mardi Gras is that adults can’t have fun without alcohol. He voted for the street closure.

For a City Council that seems overly protective of historic houses in a state of decay and hazardous- fire conditions on city-owned land to approve the closure of city streets for a drunken orgy, endangering people, property and city coffers, is inconsistent and irresponsible.

Ann Wallace

Nevada City

‘Meltdown’ was right word the first time

My husband and I were surprised to read your abject apology to county elections clerk Lorraine Jewett-Burdick (Nov. 9). We thought you had it right the first time in your “meltdown” article (Nov. 6).

On election day, my husband went to vote at our appointed polling station, Placer Sierra Bank on Alta Sierra Drive, where he found an automobile with Bedwell and Sutherland election signs parked near the entrance, well within the 100-foot restricted area.

When my husband pointed this out to the polling place volunteers, they were unaware of the violation and took appropriate steps to rectify it.

When my husband questioned the legality of the ballots that had been cast with the candidates’ election materials in the restricted area, the volunteers called Ms. Jewett-Burdick for guidance.

To my husband’s surprise, Ms. Jewett-Burdick attacked the messenger and accused my husband of “disturbing” the polling place, rather than thanking him for doing his duty as a citizen by alerting her and her staff to the violation.

Isn’t the county elections clerk responsible for making sure elections are legal? Apparently Ms. Jewett-Burdick would have preferred that the violation go unreported.

Her defensive reactionseemed like a “meltdown” and not the appropriate response for an election official. Given this, we think you had it right the first time.

Karen Schwartz

Grass Valley

Partnership Academy is an asset to NU

Nevada Union High School is fortunate to exist in a community that supports and enriches so many aspects of the school. How could teachers and students manage to accomplish so much in and out of the classroom without the assistance of the countless volunteers who dedicate themselves to our success?

Many of you know about the NUHS Partnership Academy. As a teacher in this program, I enlist the participation of caring adults who can volunteer once a month to come to my classroom and hold small group discussions with young people The topics vary from talking about college career plans to assisting teenagers with looking for a summer job.

If you are interested in knowing more about this, please contact me at 273-4431, extension 209. Thanks in advance for the spirit of volunteerism that makes our schools and our community so great!

Louise McFadden

Grass Valley

All my life’s work

was for nothing

I just read the front-page article on Ms. Emma Gerhart in The Union (Nov. 12). I was dismayed to learn that sickness is caused by discarnets and other possessions in the body. That by using a coat hanger one can rid people of illness. Alas, all of my life’s work was for nothing.

Gregory Sharp

North San Juan

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