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Letters on ‘Fahrenheit’ don’t let up

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Yes, Michael Moore’s movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” is propaganda.

But if anything in it is the most telling view of the man we “elected” as president, it contains seven minutes that should be broadcast over all networks without voice-over or subtitles.

A man, told his country is under attack. A man frozen in the headlights of national tragedy. He did not know what to do because Carl Rove or Dick Cheney was not there to tell him what to do. ‘Fess up, righties, Dump Bush at your convention, elevate Cheney as the president, because he is the hand in the sock puppet we have as president. Don’t dump Cheney. Dump Bush.

Tony Loro

Nevada City

Congratulations (I think) to Michael Moore for placing himself in a position where he will make millions from those who hate him as well from those who love him.

Intuitively, I shy away from a person who puts me into a “heads, he or she wins; tails, I lose” position. Michael Moore’s movie represents that sort of unfair strategy. It could almost be viewed as “clever” if it were not potentially so damaging.

In one of his interviews, he justifies his extreme anti-Bush movie by stating that, since the media present such a pro-Bush position, someone needs to present the opposing view. That would seem to be a logical statement, but should not give free rein to “slash and burn” under the guise of creating a balance in what is presented to the public.

I think that Michael Moore might very well have the same agent who prompted Bill Clinton to author “My Life.”

P.S., I will not be spending any money for either the movie or the book. That’s the least I won’t do.

Barry Turner, DMD

Grass Valley

Mr. Ackerman is being either villainized or canonized for his “choice” in what he watches. That’s life. I “reserved” my options – waiting to see how people responded, actually knowing what I’d witness.

My opinion (based on personal knowledge): The “masses” needed the “Passion” … the horror drilled into them, once again, since there hadn’t been a good “drilling” in about 50 years! (Forget whether or not it’s fact or fantasy – religion seeks the boost.)

The “masses” need “F-9/11.” However, the one sticking point in whether it’s seen or not seems to be whether or not one “believes” in reality or “stands on faith.” “Good” Republicans (standing on faith in GWB and having seen “Passion”) denounce “F-9/11” on levels one can only guess around.

From my vantage point: I don’t know a Democrat/liberal that hasn’t seen “F-9/11” and understood it. On the other hand, I don’t know a Republican/royal righter (those I know that won’t be seen seeing it) that hasn’t understood it without seeing it. My question: Who ya gonna trust and why?

Sherry Balow

Big Oak Valley

I, too, am tired of reading the articles on the opinion page every day regarding “F9/11.” However, I have to point out that the person who wrote the opinion called “Critical reasoning” on July 21 doesn’t need to see the movie “The Passion of the Christ” in order to know that the movie is based on fact and emotion.

I find it really sad that this person thinks of God as a child-killer, and can only assume something really bad must have happened to him at one point or another in order to make him so bitter toward God. My prayers are with him.

Vicki Sellers

Grass Valley


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