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Letters on consent issue keep coming

CRI attorneys mislead

Either the CRI attorneys didn’t do their homework or they are deliberately misleading readers as to what actually happens if a student asks to leave campus for a confidential medical appointment. The specter of a “math teacher helping Johnny to obtain suicide counseling” ignores the fact that NJUSD requires the student to see a nurse or counselor, who attempts to get the parents involved. Such requests are rare, and most end with the student agreeing to parental contact.

NJUSD personnel do their jobs as mandated reporters of child abuse. To suggest otherwise insults dedicated, professional staff who would, incidentally, be subject to prosecution if they failed in their duty to report.

School staff does not “cart teens off campus.” Even if staff is unable to get a student to accept parental involvement and the student is released for an appointment, the school does not accompany or provide transportation.

There are other procedures in place that I’m certain Supt. Deetz would be happy to explain to anyone who cares to ask. But perhaps it is easier just to write some inflammatory words and hope people will be too fired up to get the facts.

Cheryl Morris

Grass Valley

Good parents don’t worry

I can’t help but suspect that the parents who are protesting the NJUSD’s position on parental notification are the ones who have the most to worry about. If you already have a healthy, open relationship with your son or daughter, then you know this whole issue is moot. If you don’t, there’s your homework. Stop asking the government to parent your kids; it’s not their job, it’s yours.

The education code is written on behalf of all students enrolled in California’s public schools. Diversity and pluralism have to be factored in. Shame on Sue Horne for using her notoriety in this little town to promote such a short-sided view. I’m not in her district, so how did she get my number?

Nancy Bynes

Nevada City

Why attack Sue Horne?

It never ceases to amaze me how the “liberal” folks in our community consistently attack the messenger. Supervisor Sue Horne acted as a responsible county official and parent by responding to requests from constituents.

Allowing a child to leave school for “confidential medical reasons” gives little help to a young person in need. It merely provides a temporary Band-Aid. My question to the school board and Supt. Maggie Deetz is, what type of services are available to students? Are there counselors and school nurses available? Are the teachers aware of their requirement to report possible abuse?

Yes, we have parents who have abdicated their rights to the privilege of raising children. We as a community need to help these young people. We can do this without damaging the delicate relationship between the children, parents and the school. The parents have the primary responsibility to raise their children and have a right to be informed of their children’s actions.

Thank you, Supervisor Horne, for supporting your constituents and asking the questions. Perhaps Supt. Deetz and Dr. McAteer can enlighten the community with some answers.

Ruth Bedwell

Grass Valley

Liability issue ignored

It was refreshing to read what attorneys Karen England and Amy Koons (4/7) wrote about the parent-consent debate. Having an attorney and medical doctor in our family, I wondered why attorney Cheryl McCall omitted the obvious in her article. Who bears the financial liability for students when they leave school for alleged medical reasons without parental knowledge? Shouldn’t there be some sort of contract-shifting liability from the unaware parent to the school?

Supervisor Sue Horne dutifully brought the subject to our attention.

Many years ago, Assemblyman Gene Chappie requested people contact him if they were abused by the courts. A law-breaking judge motivated us to contact Chappie’s office and the problem was corrected. Another errant government agent ruined the engine in our son’s truck and as a final insult … imposed a stiff fine. The governor corrected the situation in our behalf.

To err is human … but if you feel you’re being abused by the system, seek help from an elected representative like Supervisor Horne, who has the authority to do something about it. Also The Union’s opinion forum is another way to expose problems and put them into proper perspective.

Bonnie McGuire

Nevada City

Parents need to know

Several years ago our teenage daughter became pregnant, and on the advice of an older woman, she arranged for an abortion without our knowledge. Two days before the abortion, my wife became suspicious. We immediately confronted our daughter, who admitted the truth. We realized she didn’t need condemnation; she needed love, support and counsel. After discussion, we suggested several possibilities, including abortion, if she really wanted it. She decided instead on adoption. Years later, contact with her son was made and he has become part of the family.

I am convinced that had she gone through with the abortion, she would have regretted it for the rest of her life.

God gave us children and made us responsible for their care and training. This is not the responsibility of the state or any other organization that wishes to meddle in private affairs. It is the parents right to know what is going on in their minor children’s lives, and it is their duty to teach them their moral values. If their children choose to ignore them, that is their decision.

It saddens me to see the pressures that our youth face daily. I feel I had to put in my two-cents worth on this subject and I pray that someone will take it seriously.

Reg Titus

Grass Valley

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