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Let’s preserve Nevada County’s natural beauty

I grew up in a Southern California where the night skies were dark enough to see the Milky Way and the orange and avocado groves stretched as far as the eye could see. The air was fresh with the scent of orange blossoms, children could roam free, and people didn’t lock their doors.

Within just one generation, all that has changed. Young people growing up today don’t know that Orange County had anything to do with orange trees – it might have been blue county or green county.

If someone had thought ahead in Southern California, the open spaces might not have gone the way of the bulldozers and greed.

Those orange groves are gone forever, replaced by urban sprawl as far as they eye can see.

And forever is a very long time.

Many of us came here because of heartbreaking experiences like that and are sometimes viewed with scoff as the “newcomers.” (Even though many of us have been here over 10-15 years.)

Well maybe we “newcomers” have something to offer those who have only known abundant natural beauty and just might take it for granted.

You see, once it is gone, it’s gone. And nothing can ever bring it back.

Have you looked around the rest of California and seen what has happened? Do you think that somehow we will be spared from that? Then think again.

I say bravo to NH 2020. Let’s talk and work together and plan for what we can do to accept the inevitable growth, but in a way that our children and their children can still enjoy what we have – the Milky Way sparkling through the tall pines like Christmas lights at night, fresh clean air and open spaces.

We have something very precious, very fragile, here in Nevada County. Let’s cherish it and pass it on, with respect, to those who will come after us.

If it’s gone, it will be gone. Forever.

And forever is a very long time.

Diane Covington

Nevada City

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