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Let’s not choose shame again

Winston Churchill called World War II “the unnecessary war.” By stopping Hitler early, World War II would not have occurred. Churchill called it a choice between war and shame. The Allies chose shame first, and war came later.

In 1991, the U.S. chose war. After our barracks, embassies and warship were bombed, President Clinton chose shame.

After Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush chose war in Afghanistan. Many opposed it. The terrain is impossible, the winters are fierce, the Russians were unsuccessful and no one else in history had successfully invaded Afghanistan. Our armed forces have been successful in a very short time, with a minimum of casualties, and have provided freedom to millions of Afghans.

Today we are at war with the fanatics of the Muslim world. In the past, they spread their religion by conquering adjoining lands after which the populace had a choice: become Muslims or die. The aim of today’s fanatics is to destroy all non-Muslims.

We can do nothing and endure more disasters and bury more dead, or we can put the destruction on their land and remove the present government in Iraq. This would be a short undertaking with a minimum of casualties. In 1991, Saddam flew his air force to Iran. His planes are still there. He buries his tanks in the desert. His troops fight because guards will shoot them if they don’t. Many Iraqis would welcome our coming. Past rebellions have been put down with merciless killings.

The U.N. is someone’s dream of an idealistic world that does not exist. The Korean and Vietnam wars were U.N. wars. How much help did we get? The U.N. was supposed to inspect and control Saddam Hussein. That was a complete fiasco. The recent offer by Iraq to allow inspectors back was not genuine. The U.N. had agreed that Iraq could keep inspectors out of many areas. When the U.S. pushed for all-out inspections, Iraq quickly withdrew its offer.

If we want peace, we must first eliminate the un-peaceables.

Thomas Crosswhite

Grass Valley

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