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Let GOP control state spending

Let GOP control state spending

How do you turn a projected $9 billion surplus into a $24 billion deficit? A simple answer. Elect a Democrat-controlled Legislature, a Democrat governor and a Democrat controller. No one to restrict runaway spending.

When New York City’s economy hit the skids, the voters quickly found an answer. Elect a Republican mayor, which has provided an economic turnaround.

Michael Dukakis was defeated for president. He had to return to Massachusetts as governor. The state’s fiscal situation was so bad that it was necessary to pass a $1 billion bond at 11 percent (junk bond) interest rates. At the next election, the voters put in a Republican governor who cut taxes three times the first year.

A large majority of the 50 states now have elected Republican governors. George Dukemejian vetoed more than $1 billion in new taxes passed by the Democratic Legislature in his first four years in office.

Michael Dukakis solved the unemployment problem. He simply put more people on the state payroll. California has a different approach. Each department head adds ghost workers to the payroll. Brings in lots of money which can be spent as they choose. No restrictions.

If California’s spending had been restrained to a combination of increased inflation and increased population, it would have grown by 20 percent in the last four years. Instead of a $24 billion deficit, we would have had a $38 billion cumulative surplus.

It is imperative that we elect a Republican governor and a Republican controller. As the name controller implies, this office can actually control state spending. The present controller does nothing to inhibit the excessive spending by the Legislature and Governor Davis.

Thomas Crosswhite

Grass Valley

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