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Let civility reign

I have read with interest the many opinions in The Union and also from many other sources, and I have noticed that we as a people have ceased to discuss things on points of merit and resorted to insulting, degrading comments to those who disagree with us.

I wish to offer some points of consideration in our current situation. My perspective is that of a soldier who has been deployed five times to various places throughout the world.

This has lead me to believe that no one viewpoint is completely correct and that only by working together civilly will we solve any of these issues.

In the political arena I have noticed that the only time most people pay attention to what the candidates are saying is during the election. After they are elected, things go back to the same stuff, different day, and “we the people” don’t remain attentive unless something big happens.

Some are more politically aware than others, but as a whole (myself included) we are too busy with our own lives to hold our politicians’ feet to the fire.

As far as illegal immigration goes, has anyone done the math to see just how much this will impact the economy? We all know that illegal migrant workers keep production costs down, but how much will it impact our economy if they were replaced with U.S. citizens or documented workers?

The global war on terror is just that, global. No matter what your opinion as to how we got into this, the truth is that there are Islamic extremists who want nothing more than to kill us and establish a global theocracy. There are many places you can go to research this, but you can start by reading this article: http://www.ifpa.org/publications/RadIslam.htm.

I have met many Muslims within the current areas of conflict, and you cannot make an assumption about their views by discussion alone. You must observe what they do.

The ACLU is big on arguing their position in the United States, but most of the ACLU’s traditional causes are at the top of the extremists’ list to torture and murder.

I ask people to research these things on their own and not take my word for it. Discussion ” not shouting matches ” is the best way to plot the course ahead.


Jack Francis grew up in Grass Valley and North San Juan before joining the military and now lives in Fort Lewis, Wash.

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