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Let AT and T know you resent latest round of rip-offs

AT&T has just made a giant step forward toward total pay per view with its latest lineup changes. Now we are required to “rent” one of their digital boxes to enjoy any channels other than the bare minimum that they offer with basic cable. If you only want HBO or Encore or Starz or Showtime with basic cable, you now have to rent for $14/month a box to receive them, plus the cost of the premium channel.

First off, this raises the rate automatically by $14, which we did not have to pay previously. But it also means that we can only watch that channel on the one TV that has that box connected to it. We cannot now start watching a movie in the living room then watch the end from our bedroom. Of course, we could if we “rented” another box. And we cannot tape a movie on HBO while watching Starz on the same TV, meaning that “time shifting” is now a thing of the past.

I have been in the Seattle area lately, and its basic cable package includes the History Channel, the Comedy Channel, Sci-Fi, Bravo, BET, Bravo, VH1, Court TV and CBUT (Canadian Broadcasts) all for $39.95, plus HBO, Showtime, Encore and Starz are all in the lower 50 channels so no converter box is required. They install a filter for those channels, like we used to have here.

AT&T is a franchise that is supposed to be regulated by our board or supervisors and our city governments. We are getting fewer channels than other cable packages, and now are having to pay more both in money and inconvenience to get them. Let your local representative how you feel about this rip-off.

Terence Petersen

Nevada City

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