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Learning from tree-sitters

The Aug. 29 picture of the tree climber caught my attention. At first I thought that old book, “The Naked Ape,” was being rereleased; then I remembered the picture of the young man and woman sitting at the table littered with papers and photo printouts.

They were asking for goodies like fresh fruit, peanut butter and video cameras for the tree climber. Now I’m a little old to be climbing trees, but I do like to sit under them if I can find some spare time. It never occurred to me that I might make an occupation of sitting around and asking other people to furnish me with goodies. I think that I could learn a lot from the environmentalists. If they don’t want trees cut, where does all the paper come from that was on the table in the picture? Is their table made of wood, or is it metal (mined) or plastic (petroleum base)? What kind of houses do they live in ? Log houses made of 3-foot-diameter logs ? I assume they have no plumbing – that would necessitate the use of metal or plastic pipe, same problem as the table.

No bathrooms, so I guess that could pose other problems. Then I wonder how they cook, no gas, no electricity, no wood. I have seen solar ovens at the fair, but they are made out of metal, and that has to be mined, processed and manufactured. All of these require power of some sort, perhaps wind or solar power? People bringing gifts are asked to meet at Pioneer Park and car pool. CAR POOL??? No, no, no. I would think walk, tread lightly, with bare feet.

Elmabel Rohrman

Grass Valley

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