Law, civil rights not respected here |

Law, civil rights not respected here

I am so sad that everyone has let Kathy Bauer Strange Morales down and filled her with false hopes. She is dead, so we don’t have to lie to her anymore. So sad to tell a dying woman you will help her, then totally let her dying wish die with her.

Awhile back the police were arresting people and charging them with being “terrorists.” Hey, come up here to Nevada County, we have terrorists up here. Enjoy your stay here, and enjoy our local terrorists.

I found offense in that, so I called everyone I could to tell them that using the word “terrorist” is saying many things.

I called The Union; they called me and everyone too.

Well a funny thing happened. It seems that the law was changed several years ago, from “terrorist” to “criminal intent.” A officer said we were “aware” of the law change, but we don’t have time for the “small stuff,” even if it affects people’s lives.

Well, I think we should pay all these people $50,000 a month, so they might feel paid enough to do the job they are paid to do. I know for a fact that this county is a lawless county, and no one here respects the laws, nor do they acknowledge our civil rights.

The police here have free reign to do as they please, with everyone in the judicial system going out of their way to deny us our basic rights, we are constantly told, but these laws do not apply to you. For those of you who research the law, don’t waste your time here.

The judicial people here are the law, not one of them has ever read the law, nor do they ever let the law dictate their actions. Our D.A. says he can search anyone for any reason at any time. That is not what the law says, yet remember he is the law. I have four boxes of proof, they arrested me 11 times on bogus charges, hoping beyond hope they could manufacture one legal charge.

Warning: This county is lawless.

Burton Bezanson

Grass Valley

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