Large developers, my eye |

Large developers, my eye

Supervisor Martin states, “Those who oppose NH 2020 are large developers who want to come into Nevada County and turn it into a Roseville,” The Union Feb. 16. This statement is false. Having been to a few BOS meetings in opposition to NH 2020 I never saw or heard from any “large developers” from inside or outside the county expressing their opposition. What I saw and heard were citizens of Nevada County, many of whom have resided here for many years even generations. To assert “large developers” from outside the county is not correct. If a “Roseville” was the goal of these so-called developers, it would have happened years ago. So let’s review a little Roseville development history. Of particular note is the sought-after arrival of a large corporate facility, Hewlett-Packard. A huge project of “Roseville” development. A by-product of this huge corporation is the Packard Foundation, which interestingly, is much of the source of funding for NH 2020. As stated April 9, 2001 at a Penn Valley Community Association meeting by Supervisor Martin “The Packard Foundation is helping us to do what I hope will be the cutting edge and most visionary land-use planning program in the world … .”

Who is it that really supports NH 2020? The citizens of Nevada County, or outside interests?

Curt Chittock

Rough and Ready

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