Lake Wildwood: Couple committed to living well |

Lake Wildwood: Couple committed to living well

The sign next to the front door indicates that this is a “Certified Wellness Home.” Intrigued by the sign, I arranged a meeting with Lake Wildwood residents Joe Fernandez and Kathleen Galbo.

Joe and Kathleen moved to LWW from Modesto. As they tell it, they spent several years casually looking for a place to retire but were uncertain about what they were looking for. When they found LWW and their current home, they just knew it was where they wanted to settle. They love the upbeat attitude of all the people they have met, and they love the golf.

Married 10 years, this is a couple that just seems to “fall into” what is perfect for them, including second careers in the health field.

Joe is 66 years old. Until seven years ago, his joints were so bad that he could not bend down to tie his shoes or pick up his own golf balls. He said he felt like he was 100 years old. He’d had 30 years of chiropractic care. Doctors told him he had arthritis and that losing his flexibility was just a fact of aging. According to Kathleen, he lived on pills and had tried every alternative except surgery.

As life happens when you are tuned in and aware, Joe and Kathleen kept finding themselves in places were there were Nikken booths displaying magnetic products. Kathleen has a doctoral degree and a very scientific mind, so she was skeptical of what she was being told about the healing aspects of magnetic therapy.

Joe, on the other hand, was willing to try just about anything. When he used the magnetic shoe inserts, he found immediate relief for the pain in his knee joints.

Over time, they tried several different products and systems. They finally got their own distributorship as a way to buy products at a discount for themselves and their family and friends. Kathleen, always skeptical, also found it was the best way to get the quality technical information she wanted from the company.

After six years of learning about and using magnetic products and helping family members find the same healing success that they were having, the couple decided to turn their retirement hobby into a new career. They still love their long days of playing golf, but they also enjoy the satisfaction of helping many more clients. While they don’t actively market their business, they do consider it an honor to offer their help and service to those who hear about them and call.

Joe pointed out that the products themselves don’t heal. They help create an environment for the body to heal itself and work at optimum level. He says he feels like he has WD40 working smoothly in all of his joints, and his quality of life has improved dramatically. I tried just one product for five minutes, and my bad knee hurt a whole lot less walking back up their steep driveway when I left than it did walking down the driveway when I arrived.

Neither Kathleen nor Joe has been ill in more than five years.

Having a Certified Wellness Home means they have committed to using a balanced approach to living, and it shows. They maintain systems to purify both air and water in their home. They stay fit and keep their bodies in balance with proper nutrition and supplements, and they use sleep systems to get proper rest and relaxation.

They walk their talk. It was such a pleasure to meet a dedicated and fun-loving couple who enjoy every minute of life and every minute of living in LWW.

If you want to talk to Joe or Kathleen, you’ll often find them on the golf course, or they can be reached at 432- 2010.


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