Lake of the Pines: Community looks at next year’s budget |

Lake of the Pines: Community looks at next year’s budget

I’m no C.P.A .- as a quick look at the family budgeting process will prove. Someday, after geneticists discover the proclivity toward accounting has completely mutated from my DNA, I will be exonerated for this absence of numerical savvy.

Nevertheless, I dutifully attended the Lake of the Pines town hall meeting at the Sports Lounge last Monday, where the proposed 2007 budget was presented. I brought a Pottery Barn holiday catalog to the meeting to fill brain gaps while attempting to process the financial information. My shopping gene, much to my husband’s dismay, dominates.

There were relatively few association members present for the budget’s debut, just the usual watchdogs, reliable community servants and activists. Our volunteer board members, of course, were present, as were financial committee members and LOP general manager, Bob Broyer. After an introduction by board President Chuck Lautrup, budget details were presented by Treasurer Bridgette Crawford.

Without burdening you with all the details, the 2007 members’ annual assessment was estimated to be a maximum of $1,760, or a 4.8 percent increase over the 2006 fee. It was cited that this increase was normal and inflationary.

Par for the community meeting course, attendees failed to heed Chuck Lautrup’s request to hold questions until the end of the budget walk through. It was gingerly noted by a few that the largest slice of the budget pie went to administrative costs, almost 20 percent of the total budget.

Capital Additions and Reserve pages were also of interest to members. A significant chunk of change, $46,900, was allocated to Food and Beverage under these two headings, and included $4,870 for surveillance cameras for the bars and $4,750 for Cater Ease software. An optimistic increase in Food and Beverage revenue of $69,279, was also budgeted.

And, what the heck, $1,616 will be spent on painting the exterior of the Snack Shack. Does that include a project study fee and a post-paint ribbon-cutting gala? And, with that last stunted observation, my analytical powers have been exhausted on the subject.

Drop by the administration office to pick up your own copy of the 2007 budget. And, if you happen to bump into a board or finance committee member, take the time to thank them for their many volunteer hours of budget preparation.

If LOP budget concerns aren’t keeping you up at night, then focus your anxieties on the Meadow Vista Chevreaux Aggregate Quarry. A Placer County permit issued back in 1972, when clerks were still using IBM Selectric typewriters and correction fluid, is finally being acted upon and the plant plans to add asphalt production to their operations.

The impact of this additional use prompted area citizens to form a group, Meadow Vista Protection, Inc., to protect the environment of health of the community and influence the county to re-evaluate the permit. These operations may also affect Lake of the Pines, so residents are advised to contact for more information.

Most of us are being impacted by another type of pollutant these days, leaves. Perhaps you have noticed a crude posting in the front yard of an east Torrey Pines home. “Free Leaves Ð You rake ’em, you take ’em.” I had to chuckle when I read the sign. This prompted me to offer neighbors the same deal only with one added incentive – “Free Lawn Clippings Ð you mow ’em, you tow ’em.”


Laura Lavelle lives at Lake of the Pines, and her column is for Lake of the Pines area residents to share thoughts and information. Contact her at laural@the or leave a phone message with the readership editor at 477-4238.

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