Lake of the Pines: Changes abound this year at the lake |

Lake of the Pines: Changes abound this year at the lake

Change is constant. Pollywogs sprout legs then crawl to land, new white socks turn gray, the leopard print mini skirt I wore to a Romantics concert in 1981 became a dust rag, and whalebone corsets are officially and forever out-of-fashion.

At one time, my infant sons each fit easily into a sudsy bathroom sink. Now, the boys barely squeeze into our SUV. Changes are inevitable, and they are coming swiftly to the front gate of Lake of the Pines in the form of new entrance procedures.

According to Bob Markussen, LOP director of public safety, the gate enhancement project will take effect sometime in April. This system will better serve the community, first by making the community more secure, and second by giving the gate officers more time to concentrate on visitors rather than paperwork. Bob went on to say that a similar system has been in place at Lake Wildwood for years, and it works well.

The main change will be members’ permanent guest lists. The old lists will no longer exist, and friends and relatives wishing to gain entry to the lake must be issued new photo-ID cards. Guest cards aren’t free, so those of you outside the gate should begin buttering up your LOP buddies in a hurry. Residents with barcode stickers will still be able to gain entry under the current drive-thru system, but will also have a photo-ID card option if traveling in another vehicle or motorcycle. There will be a $10 charge for the ID card, but it is optional and not required for entry.

Bob will be addressing the Pinesmen and Firebelle organizations more specifically in coming weeks, and there will be an instructional Town Hall meeting held April 3.

The front gate enhancement project is not the only change going on at LOP. The weather has been flip-flopping between winter and spring conditions for weeks. Just when you think it may be safe to uncover the patio furniture, the sun slips behind some nasty clouds and it’s winter all over again.

While the weather holds us hostage this week, why not go through those old books you’ve been holding on to and donate them to the 2006 Bear River High School Library’s used book sale? I was contacted by community volunteer Bill DuBord regarding this year’s fundraising effort, and once again, government funding for school libraries is sadly lacking. Bill will be teaming with Mary Winchell, the Library Media Teacher, to secure much needed funding for BRHS library books.

Bill’s first order of business is to put out the call for book donations. The collection sites are Longs Drugs on Combie Road, RCI Realty, Holiday Market, or the BRHS Library. If necessary, Bill will even pick up books. He can be reached at 305-0226. The sale date has not been finalized, but will take place in May.

The book sale will not be taking place in the parking lot of the Red Wagon Restaurant, however, because the property is currently in escrow. According to a Spencer family member, an unnamed investor will be taking the reigns of the 45-year-old business mid-May. This is one area change that will not be well received by faithful restaurant patrons. My advice to you – come on down to the Red Wagon for some good home cooking in the next few weeks. It may be your last chance.

Laura Lavelle is a resident of Lake of the Pines, and her column is for Lake of the Pines area residents to share thoughts and information. Contact her at or at 268-8029.

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