Keep those smiles on |

Keep those smiles on

This is about smiling through. Living in the Philippines conditioned me – pat-downs and searches, even going to the mall you are metal-detected and frisked. The global village has come full circle.

No one likes it, but what can we do? It’s our shared destiny, lessening our freedom and movement. Stiff Saturn and violent Pluto bouncing off each other as structure and change wrestle in the mud – a clash of fundamentalist certitudes and worldviews. If we cannot change and grow, but only resist and contract, we also are fundamentalists. That’s our challenge. But it’s so important to keep smiling. War and love are both about making new alliances, so I believe.

“Honey, please come to bed,” I called. She had been in the comfort room for 20 minutes. “What are you doing, hon?” “I scrub your teeth,” she answered. “I make clean for you.” Odd, but I found no reason to object, so I waited and then, curious, checked on her. “Something stuck, but I make clean,” she said. Oh no! She had scraped all the shaping neoprene from my dentures! “O my Gosh, Annie, now they will flap like wings!” “You’ve ruined my teeth, Annie!” Big mistake. She cried most of the night.

“O boo-hoo, I’m no good for you, I’m no good for you, boo-hoo, I make ruin the teeth.” “Relax, honey,” I cooed. “It’s just money. You know we Americans, we don’t care about money” – I lied – and finally, she went to sleep. In the morn I slipped out and brought her back breakfast in bed with mango juice and steamed rice. She was happy and pleased again, only a little subdued. I tried a new smile and we began a new day.

George Loftus

Grass Valley

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