Keep agenda quiet |

Keep agenda quiet

Here is the message that Brian Vincent will be getting from the Greens in response to his column. Rest assured the general public will not share in this information!

Dear Brian: Please stop advertising your preference for environmental lawsuits. The publicity makes it harder to achieve the goals which you and we share. If you could be more discreet, we can have the benefits of both collaboration and litigation. We can use programs like NH 2020 to get a majority of people to agree to limit other people’s choices, and then you can win further restrictions in court. At a minimum, you can give your lawyers the surveys, data, inventories and mapping that we develop using (in part) taxpayer funds. We are sure your lawyers will be able to use the information to advance your legal position.

Also, please be quiet about your desire to hand control of our county to urban dwellers from elsewhere. We agree with you that local residents cannot be trusted to do what is best for their county, but we must dilute their control quietly and incrementally. To that end, you can use litigation to force D.C.-based bureaucracies to assume control locally. We will obtain grant money from urban-based groups such as the Packard Foundation or the Ford Foundation, and campaign funds from urban environmentalists to try to keep the local political climate under control.

We Greens can go far by employing all the available tools: lobbying, scare tactics, false scientific claims, dialogue (as long as we do not lose control of the process), federal control, out-of-the-area fund-raising, character assassination, protest, lawsuits and for some, even violence. All the tactics can be used in parallel; dialogue does not preclude litigation. Just stop sharing our tactics, Brian. Honesty will hurt our green agenda.

Doug Donesky

Nevada City

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