John McDaniel: God will judge Trump kindly |

John McDaniel: God will judge Trump kindly

John McDaniel

I want to congratulate our president, Donald Trump, on 3.75 years of doing exactly what he promised.

He gave us the greatest economy in history, created masterful America first economic and foreign policy and did what every president should for their citizens, improve the quality of life for his constituents.

He was also great for Catholics and is the greatest pro-life president in the history of the United States. I heard a lefty pundit say, “Let’s let history judge him for what he was.” I believe God will judge him kindly.

Maybe even more important, he started the process to remove critical race theory from our schools, fought against identity politics and showed every American that they are a priority for him. If most people were not brainwashed and low information voters, they would know this. His love for this country is obvious.

Though he will likely lose this election, a terrible conclusion to this circus, he was absolutely one of the best presidents when it comes to implementing policy and championing his people. For that, I can forgive his other faults.

I also want to congratulate the left. They built one of the most powerful anti-American machines the world has ever seen. They did what Germany and the Axis powers could not: crumble a great country and bring it to its knees.

From the obviously lopsided mainstream media, Russian hoaxes, Big Tech censorship and the never ending lies, the machinations of the left have crushed America into an unrecognizable oblivion. We are left with leaders who are not only disgusted by their constituents, but they would likely sell your soul if it gained them more control and power over you.

History will judge this time for what it is, and I fear God will, too.

John McDaniel

Penn Valley

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