John Lumiere-Wins: Is this a fact-free conspiracy? |

John Lumiere-Wins: Is this a fact-free conspiracy?

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John Lumiere-Wins


The Bioinitiative Report — – 29 authors – 10 countries – 10 MDs, 21 PhDs, 3 MsC, MA or MPHs. 3 former presidents & 5 members – BioElectroMagnetics Society.


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Dr. Pall: EMF’s – major cause of autism

As introduction – I am a recent arrival in this beautiful area – a deeply grateful Bay Area transplant.

I trained as a psychotherapist and a somatic therapist but, over the last decade or so, I work more directly with peoples’ brains utilizing a patented and well-researched technology which assists the brain to relax out of relatively stuck patterns allowing us to become flexibly and more skillfully responsive to whatever life presents.

If you’re curious, you can learn more, including peer-reviewed, double-blind research at

I appreciate Mr. Boardman’s perspective on those in our community deeply concerned about 5G. I imagine he’s done research but I do wonder whether he and our readers have encountered the peer-reviewed science I have found. We each do live within a rather limited information bubble. In case you haven’t, dear neighbor, I am linking some things for your consideration.

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I haven’t got any actual research about 5G because there isn’t any! 5G has been applied within military weapons research where, among other uses, these very high frequency microwaves have been used to heat up people’s skin at a distance; causing folks to run. Who knew: our sweat glands are antennae for 5G.( ) Unfortunately, no safety studies to date from industry; much less independent studies.

However, there are excellent, peer-reviewed research papers on 4G’s biological effects. To start: . This contains links to over forty studies published in scientific journals warning about serious impacts of the wireless radiation we’ve all simply assumed is safe. These impacts include flora, fauna and human beings. Briefly, many plants are damaged by the radiation including drying out trees near towers (i.e. view trees near the tower beside the County Library on Maidu).

Additionally, electromagnetic fields have altered animal, insect orientation (think pollinators). Human health effects have been scientifically demonstrated including impaired reproduction, broken DNA, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction, altered brain function, sleep changes, hyperactivity, and memory and cognitive problems, increased brain tumors. Animal research has demonstrated “clear evidence” of cancers, heart damage, etc. When towers are near people and schools we find problems with motor skills, memory, attention, neurological, neuropsychatric disorders, headaches, sleep problems, genetic damage, etc.

Check This is a heart-rending summary of California firefighters working up to 90 hours per week near cell towers. (They’d passed rigorous physical & cognitive exams before hiring.) Symptoms: headaches, fatigue, insomnia, awakening for 911 calls “as if drugged,” depression, anxiety, getting lost on 911 calls in their hometown, a 20-year medic forgetting basic CPR during a resuscitation, immune-suppression – frequent colds, flus, etc., brain abnormalities on SPECT scans, impaired cognitive function, reaction time, impulse control. N.B Exposures demonstrated to be 500 to 1000 times below levels FCC deemed “safe!”

Firefighters are first responders. We need them at peak functioning.

Lastly, – Wi-Fi interactions with the signaling pathways in the brain and nervous system causing irreversible damage. We all know, our brain/nervous system is our central processing unit; everything we experience and express is mediated by this chemical-electro-magnetic complex. It appears self-evident that bathing our brain/nervous system in a sea of electromagnetic frequencies which are not natural to our Earthly environment is going to cause dissonance and disruption in our functioning.

After I close, I will append a few articles supporting our growing, global concern. But firstly, I must speak human to human; as another person in this community, our home.

Dear neighbor, our wonderful technology comes with a steep price. We are all in this invisible sea of unnatural EMFs together. DNA damage passes on generation after generation. Many reading this have children or want children; have grandchildren. This has must strike home for you.

We who care about the future of our species of consciousness on this planet must become informed and, to inform others – swayed by the corporate media memes like the New York Times article blaming Russia for 5G concerns. Most don’t know the NYT owner is heavily invested in Verizon’s 5G rollout! . Consider: “EMF Scientists 5G Appeal”, hundreds of published, peer reviewed EMF Scientists: . The NYT article – “A Rand Study” criticizing RT. Rand: had us pouring agent orange over Vietnam effecting Vets, Vietnamese & their descendants.

John Lumiere-Wins lives in Nevada City.

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