Joe Cain Society debate, Round 4 |

Joe Cain Society debate, Round 4

Although I would like to see the airing of “facts” and misstatements concerning the disagreement between the Joe Cain Society and the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce in the media stopped, I feel it is important to set the record straight on three points. There were two statements made by Curt Colagross (“Other Voices,” Nov. 7) that provide information that deserves to be corrected.

First, on Oct. 10 at a Chamber mixer at the Foundry, I advised Joe Cain Society President Teri Colagross, Curt Colagross, Ruth Poulter and two other JCS board members that I had conferred with the Chamber insurance agent about personal liability. I passed on to those board members that I had been advised that JCS could have officers’ and directors’ liability insurance if they would incorporate. A local attorney even offered to do the paperwork pro bono. Annual premiums would be about $1,200. Their response was that money is not an issue, liability is no longer the issue, but alcohol is. So, the JCS withdrawal doesn’t hinge on liability, after all.

Second, in Mr. Colagross’ Nov. 7 opinion article, he referred to a letter written April 12 from their attorney, Stephen Haas. He states that the letter said, “If the Chamber insists on their policy of open containers on the street …” The letter from Mr. Haas said no such thing. The first the Chamber of Commerce heard of their concern about open containers was in a Sept. 10 letter from JCS to the Chamber.

In another point, Mr. Colagross referred to the Sept. 11 article in The Union where Greg Cook was quoted as saying, ” … without open containers ‘makes sense,’ at least for one year.” Since Mr Cook is the Chamber member who made the motion to cancel Chamber-arranged street- closure events if open containers are not to be allowed, I approached him on the quote. He advised me that he was misquoted in the newspaper.

Bob Buhlis

Vice President, Nevada City Chamber of Commerce

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