It’s time for "No on NH 2020" signs to come down |

It’s time for "No on NH 2020" signs to come down

Neither the complaining about those “No on NH 2020” signs nor the signs themselves are doing much good, and maybe it’s time for both sides to move along.

Those who find the signs an annoying eyesore – and they’re many – complain that the county government should crack down. After all, they say, the county generally forbids signs other than those specifically approved by the county Planning Commission.

The county, however, decided that the “No on NH 2020” signs should be treated as political signs, just like all those signs that have sprouted for candidates.

(We seem to recall that some of those NH 2020 signs were in place long before the time they were allowed as political signs. The rule is no political signs more than 90 days before an election. But maybe the county staff’s memory is better than ours.)

No matter how much complaining it hears, the county doesn’t appear willing to demand that the NH 2020 signs come down. Those who are so upset by what they see as visual pollution represented by the NH 2020 signs needn’t add to the already abundant noise pollution around here.

But the opponents of Natural Heritage 2020 shouldn’t smirk too much. The signs may be legal, but they’ve long since lost their effectiveness. Anyone who was going to be convinced by a 32-square-foot sign probably has been convinced.

From here on, the opponents of NH 2020 will lose support every day the signs stay up. Legal or not, the signs are a blight along the county’s highways. The message they deliver these days has little to do with the perceived ills of the proposed NH 2020 program. Instead, the signs are widely seen as a demonstration of the unwillingness of NH 2020 opponents to be good neighbors and clean up after themselves once they have made their point.

The legal argument over the signs is over. Now the opponents of NH 2020 can safely show that they care about their community by taking down the signs that so annoy their neighbors.

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