Israel is our greatest ally |

Israel is our greatest ally

Israel is our greatest ally

In his op-ed piece of Sept. 4, Stephen Dryburgh blames the attack of 9/11 on the U.S. support of Israel. I debated a long time about whether to respond to such a ridiculous hypothesis. I finally decided that to say nothing might imply at least minuscule acceptance.

For the record, the attack of 9/11 and others on our embassies and military installations was done by a group of Islamic radicals who see the U.S. as the antithesis of their beliefs. The only relationship to Israel is that this same group of radicals would like to see all Jews dead. The U.S. supports Israel because it is our greatest ally and its existence is constantly threatened. Virtually everyone, friend and foe alike, knows that if the Israelis were to lay down their weapons, Israel would cease to exist.

Dryburgh also claims that Israel’s attacks on the Palestine Authority have reduced its ability to fight terrorism. The PA has never tried to stop the attacks on Israel. In fact, it has been proven that the PA and its leader Yassir Arafat have been supporting terrorist attacks. Many in the PA have taken the foreign aid money that was to be used to help the Palestinians and made themselves rich, even going so far as to sell food that was donated to feed the hungry.

Most Palestinians do not want a state of their own as much as they want the elimination of all Jews and Israel. They are taught from the time they start school to hate Jews. The textbooks that they use do not even show Israel on their maps.

Israel has shown uncommon restraint in combating the murderous attacks against its citizens. No other country in the world would allow these horrific crimes to continue without a major attack on the areas and peoples responsible. Even the destruction of the property of known terrorists can only be done if the Israeli Supreme Court finds a definite link between the terrorist and people who have knowingly supported him.

Ed Patterson

Penn Valley

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