Israel has right to exist |

Israel has right to exist

I had just returned from Israel when I read the letter about the Palestinian student who had lost his home during the United Nations partition of Palestine in 1947. Unfortunately, the author left out most, and the most important part, of the history.

By majority vote, the United Nations did create the state of Israel. On the effective date of this action, May 14, 1948, the 600,000 Jews in their new country were attacked by 65 million much better armed Arabs from five countries. The Jews received help from no one. Some 472,000 Palestinians fled the area, planning to return to their homes when the slaughter ended and even gather more property from the slain Jews. Knowing this was their last stand, the Jews fought furiously, defeated the invaders and kept their country. Having lost their bet, the Palestinians settled into refugee camps waiting for the “next war” to get their surrendered property back. Fifty-four years and four wars later, Israel still exists. The Palestinians with their offspring still sit in refugee camps.

Also not mentioned was the fact that 820,000 Jews were kicked out of their homes in the Arab countries during the 1948 war. Add to this the millions of Jews who lost their homes in Europe during and after World War II. They did not go to permanent refugee camps. They moved to new countries, including Israel, and started their lives again.

Israel deserves the right to exist. Its population on this tiny strip of land next to the Mediterranean is now over 6 million, with a standard of living next to that of England. If the Palestinians really want to have homes again, they should work with the Israelis to achieve this. Instead, almost 80 percent continue to insist that all Jews be killed or at least removed from Israel. Israel is indeed the Palestinians’ last hope, for no Arab country will let them in as permanent residents.

Ed Patterson

Penn Valley

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