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‘Israel has never known worse times’

Editor’s note: Hank Starr, a monthly columnist for The Union, passed this along …

A friend shared this letter he received from a friend. It is so real and touching, I thought it might be worth publishing.

Here’s a letter from a high school classmate, Margie Messing, who eventually married an Israeli and moved to Israel .She teaches music and has three fabulous daughters …

Hi –

I am trying to word a letter describing how things are here …

It is April 2 – almost the end of Passover vacation. Instead of it’s being spring – warm, sunny and full of festivals and outdoor fairs – it is cold, rainy and windy – no one is outside. I guess that sort of sums up the emotional weather as well.

A friend recently wrote that “Israel has known worse times and has come out of it” … but the truth is that Israel has never known worse times.

Throughout Israel’s history, the citizens came through the bad times because of an amazing optimism and idealism, which kept them smiling and hoping and believing in a time of peace. Well – it seems that this optimism is gone … this hope of peace is getting more and more absurd with every passing day. Who can we make peace with? Who are the next generation of Palestinians? How can we hope to trust a fanatical cult that feeds only off its hatred, whose heroes are those who take the most innocents with them in their suicides?

The media continues to show the “poor” Palestinians … to report their lies. For some reason, the Israelis are the bad guys here. For all the jokes about George W., he is one of the only leaders who has had the guts to say, “Hey – this is wrong! Israel has got to defend its citizens!”

Israel was founded after the Holocaust. One of the bases of its existence is that “never again will Jews allow others to abuse them without fighting back.” This is the wrong country to tell to not take care of its own!

And what does all of this mean to the little guy trying to live his life here? It means that people keep saying that we will not let them interfere with our daily lives … but going about our lives is playing Russian roulette. The coffee shop in Tel Aviv that was blown up on Saturday night is where I meet my oldest daughter every Sunday morning for coffee. The hotel in Netanyahu where 24 people were killed during the Seder meal is less than 10 minutes away from our second daughter’s home, where we were for the Seder. Kalkiliea is three minutes away from our home, and Tulkarm seven minutes away. I go to the supermarket thinking …”This is a good time to go – not crowded – no serious suicide bomber would waste his bomb on an uncrowded supermarket.”… We live from day to day – agreeing with or disagreeing with the government policy. It makes no difference. A day goes by with no attacks – we’re happy.

Teen-agers continue to bemoan their pimples. Children learn to ride bikes. High school students are expected to study for their exams. People fall in and out of love. Life goes on …

Boy, is it cold and rainy out!

– Margie

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