Israel continues to cope with an insatiable enemy |

Israel continues to cope with an insatiable enemy

Yet another column bashing Israel, in a paper that purports to focus on local and regional matters. Nice timing, Mr. Editor, for the onset of Yom Kippur!

For anybody who has been paying attention, it is clear that al Qaeda hates us for what we do right, not wrong, namely, valuing the individual, treasuring the exchange of ideas, welcoming diverse religions, limiting governmental authority over us, and respecting women. Al Qaeda wants us out of all Arabia, so that it can proceed to revamp Islam according it its own peculiar lights. Israel was an afterthought for bin Laden, who did not care much for Arafat’s brand of Islam, either. Were we to back off of Israel, as we pulled out of Lebanon under Eisenhower and Somalia under Clinton, al Qaeda would be renewed in its belief that it can shape the behavior of us wimps,.

Let us try to understand Mr. Dryburgh’s sympathy for the Palestinians. We needn’t be repulsed by their driving nails into the heads of teenagers at their hangout or destroying a family at its Passover seder, because our founding fathers were “terrorists” as well. Arafat walks out of negotiations, initiates violence and says he cannot restrain Hamas and the other militants, who have vowed to destroy Israel. Obviously, Israel should grant a Palestinian enemy state without negotiations and continue to suffer murderous attacks until Hamas is at last satisfied.

The Arabs rejected the Palestinian state that the UN established in 1948 because the existence of Israel was part of the deal. They have never given up the longing to obliterate Israel (Jordan and Egypt have backed off, but the other Arab countries have never rescinded their declarations of war) and Israel has remained under siege.

What is Israel supposed to do with an insatiable enemy? Mr. Dryburgh sheds no tears for Jewish blood.

Leo Subotnik

Nevada City

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