Is Starr really Van Zant? |

Is Starr really Van Zant?

Is Hank Starr really Peter Van Zant? Draw some glasses on Starr and bingo! While reading Starr’s theories (April 20) about what will happen after Martin and Conklin are out of office, I thought Starr was trying his hand at humor, or sharing his entry in the April Fools liars contest! But no, it turns out to be just more of the same. One would think a man who is a lawyer (even a divorce lawyer) would at least read the documents and get some facts straight before he badmouths them.


1. Starr claims on March 25 he visited Drew Bedwell’s Web site, claiming Mr. Bedwell wants to lock up and prevent the public from knowing results of NH 2020 reports. Two lies here. The Web site manager advises no one visited Drew Bedwell’s site on March 25. The Web site has nothing like Starr’s claim. The only thing that comes close is Drew Bedwell’s letter to the editor that was printed April 22 suggesting a trade, the Stop/NO on NH2020 signs for the Biological Inventory Maps. Did Starr have a copy before it was printed?

2. Starr introduces land speculators and developers as wanting to kill NH 2020. Remember the other boogie man Starr called Mr. Big Bucks? The truth is, 8,700 citizens wanted NH 2020 on the ballot. Martin and Conklin would not allow the board to vote on the petition.

3. Starr claims the Property Owner Compensation Initiative will change zoning laws and allow the developers to build a motel next door to you. This is also a lie. The truth is Property Owners Compensation Initiative is a process for property owners to seek relief only when the county regulations forces a landowner to give up the use of his land.

4. Starr claims a vote for Drew Bedwell and Robin Sutherland will destroy our forests and foul our streams, that factories, motels and strip malls will be built in residential neighborhoods. The truth is Hank Starr is a lying political hit-man, and not a very good one, at that.

Bill Weismann

Lake of the Pines

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