Is Bush creating another crusade? |

Is Bush creating another crusade?

Does history repeat itself? Will future historians characterize the Bush administration’s military adventure in Iraq – if realized – as the first Christian crusade of the Third Millennium?

In 1248, King Louis the IX (St. Louis, the Christian King) led the final crusade of the Second Millennium. It was a miserable failure, culminating in losses to the plague of most of the crusaders, including Louis himself.

Commenting on that final crusade, Karen Armstrong in her insightful book “Holy War” observes: “… as a mass movement the project [crusading] was now dead and seen to be impractical. This Christian failure called into question the whole integrity of the faith … Had God deserted his chosen people?”

One wonders, considering the almost 200 years of periodic Christian crusades to the Middle East, what seeds of fear and hatred remain still in the peoples of that region.

The recorded history of those incursions recites details of the slaughter of Muslims, Jews and resident Christians of the Holy Land too gruesome to note here.

Terry Fieldhouse

Nevada City

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