IRS violates its own code and the Constitution |

IRS violates its own code and the Constitution

Last month, the Internal Revenue Service seized the joint account of $1,400 I had with my 90-year-old mother on notice of levy.

The IRS says she owes $23,682, including $7,744.75 in statutory additions, on a 1994 1040 A assessment. Please take note that the only source of income my mother has is her Social Security. Not only did the IRS steal her money, but also my Social security check. As a result, we have been financially wiped out and cannot pay our bills.

We advised Washington Mutual Bank that the notice of levy can only place a hold on our funds for 21 days, during which time the IRS must adjudicate any interest it may have.

The notice of levy is an uttered instrument. The proper form the IRS uses for garnishment, seizure, etc., is form 668-B levy, not the notice of levy 668-A (C) they used in our case. So far, we haven’t heard a peep out of them.

The IRS routinely sends county recorders the tax liens that have space on the back for judgment abstracts, but that portion is rarely if ever completed because IRS personnel are masters at coercion and intimidation. See 28 U.S.C. 3201. In brief, there can be no seizure before a judgement in a state court is rendered.

As anyone can see, the IRS is in violation of its own code, not to mention the U.S. Constitution. The IRS. is government sanctioned fraud and confiscation.

When bureaucrats make you fear your government, it is no longer your government.

A heavy progressive income tax is the second plank of communism. Some of its evils are: 1) taxation without consent, 2) destruction of liberty, 3) inequities, 4) informers, 5) corruption, and 6) economic burden. Sorry to say, we cannot re-subscribe to The Union newspaper.

James L. Butler


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