In need of a lawyer? Why not take two? |

In need of a lawyer? Why not take two?

Working people and the businessmen who employ them should be energized by John Kerry’s selection of John Edwards as his potential vice president. Energized, that is, to do everything in their power to keep Kerry and Edwards out of the White House.

Sen. Edwards, aside from being elected to the Senate (and unlikely to be re-elected in Republican North Carolina), is distinguished primarily by his ability as a trial lawyer, winning billions of dollars in settlements against doctors and health-maintenance organizations.

Do you wonder why a visit to the doctor is so expensive? Why health insurance is out of reach of the working poor? Why so many good doctors are leaving the profession? Look no further than John Edwards.

Edwards is a young man who apparently has earned hundreds of millions of dollars without offering any goods or service that you or I would be likely to buy. All he has to offer is an exceptional ability to loot the insurance companies who protect the health care professionals that you and I depend on to keep us healthy. It would be interesting if any members of “the press” ask Sen. Edwards during the upcoming campaign exactly how much of the settlements he won actually went to the alleged victims verses the hundreds of millions of dollars Edwards pocketed.

Forget about welfare cheats, illegal aliens or corporate scam artist, it’s likely that trial lawyers like Sen. Edwards cost the American economy more than all those combined.

No apologies needed for my lawyer friends and relatives, who earn good livings defending doctors and businessmen against the likes of Sen. Edwards and share my contempt for the Edwards variety of shysters.

Do you think that lawyers like Edwards perform a service by weeding out bad doctors? Not likely. Every day, doctors are forced to make life or death decisions, knowing full well that an army of professional witnesses, employed by the likes of Sen. Edwards, will be happy to testify in court that the doctor was negligent regardless of which decision he makes.

Forget about the multimillion-dollar settlements that make the news. Most of Sen. Edwards’ ambulance-chasing colleagues support themselves by filing numerous frivolous or questionable lawsuits and then settling out of court, as the defendant (or more likely his insurance carrier) usually finds it cheaper to settle than have their day in court, and a lot less risky. Be assured that every time an imperfect baby is born in America, a John Edwards is ready and available to sue the attending physician.

You know who pays for this madness? We do, that’s who!

Incidentally, medical professionals often say that the best doctors, because they are willing to take chances to save lives, are often the most likely to feel the wrath of parasites like Sen. Edwards.

The endless string of litigation against business goes far beyond the medical profession and has been one of the most relentless drags on our economy, but the unholy alliance between trial lawyers and the Democratic Party has made meaningful tort reform impossible.

In the Senate, Edwards has been a leader in the fight against tort reform. He says that tort reform would hurt women and minorities. We do know that without tort reform, women and minorities will continue to pay higher prices for all the goods and services that they buy every day. Awash with your money, trial lawyers strongly support Sen. Edwards. Expect them to come after you for reimbursement.

A few years ago, I was a participant in a class-action lawsuit against a number of major airlines; the airlines were accused of price-fixing – apparently not very well, as the named airlines lost a combined total of several billions of dollars during the period of alleged price-fixing. Well, the lawyers, who incidentally initiated this action without the benefit of any injured party, settled the claim.

I recall, as one of the alleged victims of this airline price-fixing, that I received several coupons good for a $5 to $20 discount on my next plane ticket. The lead attorneys in the lawsuit split up something like $30 million.

I learned recently that a popular scam now involves young Middle Eastern men who are filing hundreds of lawsuits against airlines for alleged racial profiling. I understand that two of the 9/11 terrorists were identified as potential threats by American Airlines personnel in Boston, but company lawyers decided to allow them to board rather than risk a lawsuit.

Does this make sense to you? If so, vote Kerry/Edwards. You will love America with two lawyers in charge.


Prentiss M. Davis is a resident of Truckee.

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