In defense of beer-drinking jerks |

In defense of beer-drinking jerks

I authored the petition regarding the Cascade Shores Recreation Area gate. I realize the following does not necessarily fulfil The Union’s criteria for letters to the editor. This is my response to an editorial authored by Chuck Carlson regarding the petitioners of Cascade Shores Recreation Area, which in my opinion does not meet the criteria posted on your website wherein the prospective author is instructed:

The Union doesn’t allow letter writers to refer by name to other letter writers. As a practical matter, this means that letters responding directly to previous submissions are unlikely to be published. We encourage instead that letter writers state their beliefs about the issue straightforwardly. Rather than say, “I can’t believe what an idiot John Doe is when he says that the sky is blue …,” we encourage letter writers to say, “The sky is green….” The Union also reserves the right to reject letters for abusive language or unsubstantiated accusations. In such cases, the letter will be returned to the writer for editing.”

Specifically the portion referring to unsubstantiated accusations. To review the aforementioned letter to the editor my opinion is the inferred reference to the petitioners as “beer-drinking jerks that cut the lock and proceed to burn picnic tables” is unsubstantiated unless the author knows something that nobody else knows. I have taken great care not to refer to the author by name or resort to name-calling and I believe I have stated my beliefs straightforwardly. I believe a rebuttal to that particular editorial is appropriate and appreciate your consideration.

May the author of the letter to the editor titled, “Scotts Flat is a reservoir first” and like minded individuals be informed that if everybody in the world conformed to the author’s opinion of acceptable behavior it would surely be an enjoyable world for the author. Imagine a world where we all live in identical houses painted the same color, drive the same model car and count how many days it has been since it last rained.

The author of the letter refers to the complainers’, which I assume to be the petitioners opposing the failure of one party to fulfill an agreed upon, prepaid arrangement for unfettered year-around access to Cascade Shores Recreation Area (CSRA).

The author of the aforementioned letter suggests that the petitioners who oppose the forcible imposition of another person or group’s opinion of acceptable behavior are spoiled whiners that lack “respect for their surroundings and each other”. The author’s opinion is that beer-drinking jerks’ have left unacceptable trash behind and performed various acts of vandalism. The author summarily expresses displeasure of being subject of the forcible imposition of conditions (speed bumps “all over town” in Grass Valley) the author regards the result of disrespectful drivers. The author appears to support forcible imposition until he becomes the subject.

Reservoir water level was not a complaint of the petitioners. The petition only referred to the water level of the reservoir as being irrelevant with regard to an agreed upon prepaid access arrangement. We all know Scots Flat is a reservoir and the level of the reservoir changes throughout the year. We live here, we see the reservoir water level go up and down every year. Even the beer-drinking jerks are aware of this phenomenon.

The author of the aforementioned letter refers to canoes and kayaks as “crafts purchased so they can be carried to the water”. Generally speaking, when carrying an 85-pound canoe or kayak and the gear required by such craft, closer is better, particularly when accompanied by children. Most of the petitioners live in close proximity of CSRA so that they don’t have to drive to the other side of the reservoir to access it.

Not all beer drinkers, wine drinkers, politicians or Grass Valley residents are jerks (some are and some aren’t). The beer-drinking jerks are better security than any that has been provided and actually deter vandalism by their mere presence. Vandalism in Cascade Shores is not unique to N.I.D. property. To suggest that the beer-drinking jerks are responsible for the vandalism which occurs at CSRA is absurd. The accepted assumption that vandals drink beer during the performance of the vandalism does not suggest that all beer drinkers are vandals.

Proceeds from recycling the “unacceptable” trash those beer-drinking jerks have left behind funds a party for those employed by the company that manages that particular concession. In addition to the beer-drinking jerks there have been known occurrences of soda-sipping jerks inappropriately disposing of unacceptable trash at CSRA as well. A primary purpose of the access fee is to address the issues of refuse disposal, unacceptable that it may be.

The author would be wise to consider his own opinion and make an effort to understand the “facts” prior to labeling a good number of fellow Nevada County residents “jerks”. I authored the petition regarding CSRA, I know what it states and who received a copy of the petition. The author was not a recipient of the petition and would appear to be wiser by withholding comment on a subject of which he has absolutely no knowledge. Respect is a reciprocal concept, one acquires respect by giving it.

The author is correct to be displeased about tax dollars being spent on speed bumps. It would be more fiscally efficient to record the perpetrator’s license number (perhaps by remote cameras), go to the perp’s house unexpectedly and weld his car doors closed, preferably while the vehicle is unoccupied. With the tax dollars saved we could educate people boating season ends after Labor Day and to only leave behind acceptable trash after boating. Gates could be installed at the edge of town and prospective inhabitants could be stopped and questioned about their moral integrity prior to their unwanted corruption of our community. All unacceptable prospective inhabitants could then have their car doors welded closed while the vehicle is occupied and sent on their way.

John Sandberg is a resident of Cascade Shores.

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