Improper planning and lack of code enforcement could ruin us |

Improper planning and lack of code enforcement could ruin us

It seems that the county Board of Supervisors will stop at nothing to implement whatever agenda it improvises for their special interests.

Take the affordable housing issue.

Meetings were held without timely notice for public input.

They argue that there is notice at the Rood Center and at some Web site.

There was opposition from people regarding the second-unit housing and what it will do to their neighborhoods and property values.

None of those concerns were addressed and in fact, there seems to be some kind of conspiracy not to let anyone hear of those concerns.

There was one of these second-unit housing (mobile) units not zoned and in a high residential area in the influence of the city.

There was clear-cut logging and large turnouts, all facing our backyards. It also had two septic systems and a large water tank a few feet from our windows.

It was issued a permit for a granny unit even though the existing codes were not met. This was a year ago and was for a county employee.

Supervisor Conklin and the Planning Department set out not to enforce the existing codes but to change the laws.

Second-unit housing was passed without the voice of property owners. It was just another special interest agenda and did nothing for low-income housing.

The NH 2020 issue cannot be trusted when the people in charge act only on their special interests.

If the people do not have good planning and enforcement of the codes, the direction of this county could easily become the blight of the Sierra.

Barbara Brown

Grass Valley

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