Impeach Bush before it’s too late and we go to war with Iraq |

Impeach Bush before it’s too late and we go to war with Iraq

Many people across the country have realized that the Bush plan to go to war with Iraq is foolish and, more importantly, dangerous.

Support for “Resident” Bush has been flagging as of late and rightly so.

It’s telling that Mr. Bush came to Stockton, California, to do a fund-raiser for gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon, a man whose company was just fined $75 million for engaging in fraud.

Maybe it’s me, but isn’t the entire country reeling from business scandals?

Is Simon the type of man that the “Resident” thinks should be running one of the largest economies in the world?

I hear that Bush “the First” (who actually was president, by the way) is a friend of Simon’s father and so the “Shrub” had to follow through on the trip.

This says a whole bunch about the ethics of the Bush family and its supporters.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the guy is a crook and used off- shore tax dodges as long as he’s a friend of the family, I guess.

Bush has a plan for reducing forest fires and he just can’t understand why folks don’t like it.

The “Resident” was faced with protest during his West Coast trip and in fact, police actually used pepper spray and clubs against U.S. citizens in Oregon because they wanted to tell “Dubya” how stupid they thought he was.

But like someone told me, Bush’s plan makes perfect sense. “If you cut down the forest, no more fires!” Yeah, but no more forest either!

Once again foolish, and also very dangerous!

And that’s the real issue here!

Bush is clearly an idiot!

And if he isn’t, then he’s a bloodthirsty, evil man who seems hellbent on helping a few greedy capitalists destroy the Earth for profit.

Either way, let’s agree, he’s got to go!

Mike Thornton

Grass Valley

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