Immoral to teach what we know is lie |

Immoral to teach what we know is lie

It is immoral for adults to teach children something they know to be a lie.

All the hullabaloo over the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance confuses me. “Under God” wasn’t in there when my parents and I were in school. But our generations seemed to grow up all right. It was in there when my children were in school. Their generation seemed to grow up OK, too. In there or out of there, it doesn’t seem to have made much difference.

Despite this, it’s surprising the amount of heated disagreement we can get into over something that most adults in this nation believe is true, e.g., that we are a nation “under God.” I say, let’s leave that in the Pledge.

Instead, if we are going to change the Pledge, I propose that we remove that phrase we all know to be untrue. Let’s remove the preposterous phrase “with liberty and justice for all.” Imagine, we’re expecting high school kids to recite this when even third-graders know it’s a crock! We owe our kids better.

Like I said, “It is immoral for adults to teach children something they know to be a lie.”

Dick Denman

Rough and Ready

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