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I’ll vote for Bush to let him clean up his own mess

There are advantages of not belonging to a political party and not being locked into one way of thinking. I have voted for three different parties in the past, according to my preference of candidates, ignoring their party endorsement. It is also nice to be old enough to be oblivious to what others think of me.

Although being critical of our present president in the past, I have decided to support him in the coming election for a number of reasons.

I was born during the Warren Harding presidency, and since then our present president is the first one I exceed intellectually. On the bell curve, I rank myself in the 38 percent section at the middle of the bell, which is average. Those to the left of the apex are more intelligent, while those to the right are slower. Our president is a little further to the right than me. This may seem egotistical, but it has done wonders for my self-concept, and would like to enjoy this feeling for another four years.

I realize he has unnecessarily sent our young people into a hornet’s nest, but it’s too late to undo his blunder, so must give him a chance to remedy the situation. While doing this, he also needs another term to take are of all our domestic problems instead of turning both problems over to another politician to solve, and blaming the results on him or her.

I have often written to the president giving him my advice, but have been ignored. I also sent him a few articles, although I know he doesn’t like to read, but thought Laura might read them to him. No response! The following are excerpts from one of the articles sent, written in January 200303 by Stephen Pelletiere:

“We cannot say with any certainly that Iraqi chemical weapons killed the Kurds. I am in a position to know because, as the Central Intelligence Agency’s senior political analyst on Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war, and as a professor at the Army War College from 1988 to 2000, I was privy to much of the classified material that flowed through Washington having to do with the Persian Gulf.”

“The gassing at Halabja we know came about in the course of battle between Iraqis and Iranians. Iraq used chemical weapons to kill Iranians. The Kurdish civilians who died had the misfortune to be caught in that exchange, but they were not Iraq’s target. Immediately after the battle, the United States Defense Intelligence Agency investigated and produced a classified report. That study asserted that it was Iranian gas that killed the Kurds, not Iraqi gas. These facts have been in the public domain but, extraordinarily, as often as the Halabja affair is cited, they are rarely mentioned.”

“I am not trying to rehabilitate the character of Saddam Hussein. He has much to answer for in the area of human rights abuses. But accusing him of gassing his own people at Halabja as an act of genocide is not correct, as far as the information we have goes, all cases where gas was used was used in battle.”

I also asked the president if the fact that his father urged the Shiites to rise up against Saddam had anything to do with the bodies found in the mass graves. No response! I wonder if this means yes?

The preceding are just some ramblings and observations, but really do plan to vote for Bush in the coming election as he and the Congress, including both parties and a majority of the public, are not only responsible for the deaths and wounding of our American soldiers, but killing thousands of innocent civilians, including the deaths and maiming of thousands of frightened, sad-eyed children.

There are also thousands of orphans of parents killed in the war and bombings sleeping in the streets. People responsible for this tragedy are the ones to clean up the mess they have created. I wonder if this mass killing is worth the pictures of Saddam being checked for lice and bad breath.

If the president is able to turn Afghanistan (the forgotten country) and Iraq into peaceful and democratic countries, he will have performed a miracle and should be considered for sainthood.

Don Cooks lives in Nevada City.

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