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If we export jobs, we won’t have the income to shop

I listened to the president giving his State of the Union Address and was very much impressed. I noticed, even through the solemnity of events that he mentioned, a little quirk of a comedian. I almost believe that with a good writer, he could be better than some of those we have.

He mentioned a lot of good things in effect and yet to come: tax cuts, better schools and teachers, improve the environment, perfect better ways of producing energy and less dependency on foreign sources. Improve trade relations with foreign countries, whoa, just a minute, I get a lump in my throat. For example, I recently purchased some photo equipment and it says made in China, same for the phone by my side. I bought a batch of ordinary water pipe and it says made in Korea. For Christmas I received a gorgeous two-pound package of cookies and it says made in Turkey. A pair of ordinary jeans and the label says made of material in the USA but assembled in Mexico.

Why? Because a big company can send the tools and raw material to a foreign country where people work for 50 cents a day and yet when I buy the product, it costs more than if it were made here at home. We import steel from China cheaper than we can produce it here. Sure the CEO of a big corporation must show a great profit or he or she will miss that million-dollar tax-free bonus at the year’s end. And so pretty soon, more people out of a job here means less money to buy the stuff at any price.

I did not vote for George Bush, but I think he is doing a great job, and I offer my full support.

Gil S. Masters Sr.

Grass Valley

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