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If the shoe fits, wear it, Ernie, Drew and CABPRO

A hypocrite is “one who pretends to be what he is not.” So let us see if the shoe fits.

Nevada Irrigation District directors just voted to “proceed with eminent domain” against homeowners on Banner Mountain. NID is demanding easements across their private property to install a big pipeline to send more water down the hill and out of Nevada County.

NID directors voted 4-1 to use eminent domain to take the land they want. One director voted not to use eminent domain – Nancy Webber, the “extreme environmentalist.” NID Director Ernie Bierwagen voted yes to use eminent domain and take the land against the will of these homeowners.

Ernie Bierwagen is not only a director of NID, he’s also the chairman of the board for Citizens for Property Rights (CPR-Inc.). CPR-Inc are the folks who have those illegal “NO on NH 2020” signs littering our county. CPR-Inc. states they are fighting to protect private property rights. What about the property rights of the homeowners who don’t want NID to bulldoze their land? Ernie, this seems to be a double standard.

Why aren’t Drew Bedwell and the Protect Your Property Rights (PYPR) group fighting NID to protect the rights of the homeowners on Banner Mountain? Bedwell and his PYPR Web site mission statement says they will “… expose those actions that will further damage the American right to private property ownership and control; and advocate appropriate action to protect property rights.” Instead of taking down his illegal “Stop NH 2020” signs that litter our county, maybe Bedwell could install some illegal “Stop NID Land Grabs” signs.

Where is the California Association of Business, Property and Resource Owners? Where are Margaret Urke and Pat Davision? CABPRO also states they “fight to protect private property rights.”

Is it really about property rights, or is it about these folks all working together to regain control of the Board of Supervisors? Maybe it’s really about the “Wise Use” movement in Nevada County.

Looks like the shoes fit Ernie Bierwagen and CPR-Inc, Drew Bedwell and PYPR and CABPRO just fine.

Valerie Brown

Nevada City

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