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I will puff and blow your house down!

FCAT doesn’t have funds to glide to the finish line? Can’t understand how Grass Valley City counsel was blindsided by this revelation. Time and again pleas were put forth by FCAT for help, and time again the pleas were ignored.

FCAT might sell off some equipment to pay off debts before handing over assets to the school district’s “New Deal”? Absurd, whoever thought that fiscal responsibility of FCAT was needed.

We all knew that FCAT fiendishly planned to “cannibalize” the station’s assets, and after feasting on the carcass, handing over the bare bones to the school district. If they sold equipment and paid off debts, would the balance be transferred to the new deal? Quipped City Counsel Stevens: After all, public access will still need funds; this way the Grass Valley City Council wouldn’t have to kick in any “public” funds. It’s simple, public access television is the unruly stepchild and broadcast because of the law.

But wait, a new contract is coming up and it could mean a few $100,000 of funding in this area. It’s time for the wolves to close in. Lots of sheep clothing around. Talking about wolves, I hope the new public access channel doesn’t build its house out of straw!

Randy Hansen

Producer of “Is This As Good As It Gets?,” “Addiction,” “Mewzeek”

Grass Valley

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