Hunger for truth |

Hunger for truth

It seems that we have been teaching our children in a way that is not suitable for their metabolism. In fact, it doesn’t even suit their natural programming, the way the body and mind want to think.

The truth of the matter is that we are not thinking creatures that feel; we are feeling creatures that think. In other words, we don’t think we are hungry. We feel that we are hungry and then we think about eating something. We aren’t thinking we are hungry. We are first feeling that we are hungry, and then the thinking processes this, then puts into use to finalize and to manage and to plan just how, why and what, and not to leave out when, we will satisfy this urge to eat. We are already automatically programmed to feel hunger. We don’t have to think about it.

This is not my idea. It was researched and data-based by the government who knows how many years ago. So if our government has known about this to the point of researching it and documenting it, then why at least weren’t we notified of the finding? I believe it would of been beneficial to at least the teachers that teach our and their children in our public schools. Did they feel that after thinking it over that it was not to their advantage to instruct we the public of this vital information? Or is there no other practical way to insert information into our memory banks than through just the thinking process in the manner that it is done today? Perhaps we can start with asking some of our leading military authorities that are in that field what their feelings are on the matter.

Stephen R. Foster

Grass Valley

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