How about fair trades? |

How about fair trades?

I’m starting to feel bad for anti-planning groups who can’t muster the imagination to come up with domain names, even though they waited a whole year to even think about reserving any. So, it’s understandable why they want mine now. Although none of my domain names are for sale, and in the spirit of community harmony, I am willing to donate one anti-NH 2020-related domain name (ie. for each one of the actions taken below, even though these domain names are in use and directly related to articles on

— People will immediately remove their Stop NH 2020 billboards from our formerly scenic roadways and promise never again to break or bend county laws regarding off-season, over-sized political signs. Offenders will donate 40 hours of community service to pick up additional roadside litter in their neighborhoods.

— CPR board members will send out personalized letters of apology to every landowner who received a mass mailer designed to scare their pants off with shameful disinformation about their property rights, and refer everyone to the county’s site, NH, for official sources of information.

— The person who has been trying to hack into the database for the past six months will face the fact that he/she just doesn’t have the required skills and give up. And send me a heartfelt letter of apology.

— Sierra Pacific Industries will match every dollar given to the Sutherland and Bedwell campaigns with a $100 donation to SYRCL’s College Scholarship Fund.

— The Nevada County Republican Central Committee will hold off on endorsing the Property Owners Claims Reimbursement Initiative until there is a formal analysis of the costs to taxpayers from an independent accounting firm in Dubuque that couldn’t care less how we vote.

— CABPRO will finally admit that it was just plain wrong about the effects of Wild & Scenic designation on the approximately 300 privately held parcels in the designated corridor, and will promise never again to deliberately misinform any homeowner about their property rights, on any subject. Board members will donate 72 hours of community service to pick up trash from public lands along the South Yuba. While wearing Wild & Scenic T-shirts. Wet ones. On Earth Day.

— The person who ran the failed recall campaign against Izzy Martin, will agree to buy all his vegetables for one year exclusively from Indian Springs Organic Farm for his part in muddying the waters and spooking her children.

— Former candidate Mark Johnson will send a bouquet to each of the CAC members thanking them for their personal sacrifice and promising, next time, to withhold judgment on the work of any citizen committee until their work is done.

— The free tabloid The Republic will print word-for-word the NH 2020 Forestry, Recreation, and Agricultural Working Group recommendations, with no editorial comment whatsoever, so readers can judge for themselves. And donate 10 percent of their ad revenue to the Anti-Defamation League, for one year.

— Former candidate Mike Harris will donate 100 hours of community service to the Sierra Foothills Aids Foundation. Make that 1,000 hours.

— Drew Bedwell will hold a televised press conference to provide details about his firm belief that local officials are willing agents in a UN plot to control the ways we live, eat, learn, reproduce, communicate, and worship. Members of the press will promise not to heckle.

That comes to 11 domain names for 11 simple actions that, frankly, the above-named folks should consider doing without any tangible reward. How ’bout it?

Susan Levitz is a resident of Nevada City.

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