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Hits & Misses in Nevada County (Nov. 16)

The Union staff

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to drogers@theunion.com or bhamilton@theunion.com

HIT: To Nisenan Heritage Day, which for an eighth year helped educate western Nevada County about its first people. For too long, the Nisenan people have been treated as a lost tribe, losing their federal recognition as the Nevada City Rancheria in 1964 and their land to private ownership. We should be thankful the nearly 150 members of the tribe, direct descendants of Nisenan who lived here prior to the gold rush, are now stepping forward to share their story — the true history of our community’s native people — and celebrate the culture they share.

MISS: To utter nonsense, uttered at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, that the Irish, Italians, Germans, Greeks et al merged easily into American society in their turns as immigrants — plenty “illegal” by today’s standards. The Mexicans, Asians and Syrians assimilate just as slowly or fast, depending on how you view the passage of time and generations. Nativists then, as nativists now, tend to be a little ignorant about history.

HIT: To Nevada County’s efforts at recognizing our community’s veterans, who deserve every “thank you” for their service they receive. Their commitment to our country includes untold stories of the sacrifices they, and their families, have made.

HIT: To Corporal Jesse Cloyd and Officer Mel Bird of the Grass Valley Police Department for their life-saving efforts to save a man who was attempting to jump off a bridge.

MISS: To reports of a bar patron in Nevada City being “roofied” is sad and disturbing. The buddy system worked in kindergarten and may still be the best course of action today.

HIT/MISS: Depending on your point of view, rumblings of the Idaho-Maryland Mine re-opening is sure to raise eyebrows and awareness over that possibility now that underground testing is under way with a new owner.

HIT: As if firefighters aren’t already considered to be heroic enough, this past weekend they stood out on street corners with the intent of “filling the boot” to raise money to help fight muscular dystrophy. Even the coldest-hearted among us had to feel at least a small urge to give.

MISS: To another shooting, this time close to home.

HIT: To Bear River teacher Christina Levinson for bringing journalism back from the dead at the south county school.

HIT: To Nevada County’s own Caroline Cox, a former Ghidotti valedictorian who headed “over the pond” and recently graduating from King’s College, University of London. She plans to stick around in the U.K. to pursue her master’s at the London School of Economics.

HIT: To the Bear River Bruins football team for it’s big upset victory over Capital Christian. Thanks to another upset in the bracket, the Bruins even earned an unexpected home playoff game Friday night.

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