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Hits & Misses in Nevada County (June 15)

The Union staff

Each week we'll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to drogers@theunion.com or bhamilton@theunion.com

HIT: From a reader to the idea of more enforcing speed limits and more pullout places on Highway 49 between Grass Valley and Auburn.

HIT: To Jordan Fisher Smith for his latest book "Engineering Eden: The True Story of a Violent Death, and the Fight over Controlling Nature," earning a silver award in nonfiction this week in the California Book Awards. Hit also to the talk he gave after accepting the award. You can listen by going to http://www.commonwealthclub.org and clicking "Watch & Listen," then "86th Annual California Book Awards." Smith's part comes about 60 percent into the audio. It's worth hearing.

HIT: To another local author, Chris Enss, for adding a Branding Iron Award to her collection of medals at the Western Writers of America convention this month. She's also a fabulous speaker, as we can attest from her talks at The Union events.

HIT: To the Nevada County Arts Council getting not one, but two candidates into semifinal consideration as rare California cultural districts. We're fortunate to have a rich art environment and active group promoting and encouraging this part of life.

MISS: To kneejerk scapegoating of this fictional body, "The Media," for every inconvenient fact and blemish in life. Among other things, this is lazy minded.

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HIT: To Terrazzo lights hanging permanently in historic downtown Nevada City. We don't really have to preserve everything in the district. Otherwise, rip out those electrical wires and asphalt, and of course the Wi-Fi.

MISS: To wasting a second wondering whether President Trump really has secret recordings of his private conversations with former FBI Director James Comey or anyone else.

MISS: To ideological leanings and frustrations breaking out into violence, such as the progressive nut who shot at Republican legislators during a baseball practice. Neither slice of partisans dividing our country should claim any moral high ground, considering these violent crazy folks who go way, way too far come from all political persuasions. Their issues tend to go deeper than mere politics.

HIT: To Democrats praying for Republicans, and Republicans such as U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa making a point of sitting in the House of Representatives with Democrats after the shooting.

HIT: To county leaders coming to their senses, we hope, and making sure all the meetings of the cannabis community advisory group remain open to the public, as should be under at the very least the spirit of the Brown Act governing transparency in government, and we believe the letter, too.

HIT: To Matt Margulies, Matteo's "big-hearted boss" who believes in second and even third chances in life. Yes, he gets burned now and again with his hires as a result. But far more often, his ways lead to success and better lives.

HIT: To our fresh crop of high school and college graduates, full of promise for the future.

HIT: To dry weather — maybe? — and getting busy with fixing the giant sinkhole that opened next to Freeman Lane, where Liberty Motors used to be. By some stroke of luck or bureaucratic artistry, Freeman Lane somehow is considered a federal highway and eligible for federal funding of the repairs. Hmmmm, but great! It would be quite a hole in Grass Valley's finances if left to the city to handle.

HIT: Speaking of holes, to the Grass Valley Downtown Association filling a vacancy open since early 2016 in the executive director role with Marni Marshall, who moves a short distance indeed from the Center for the Arts.

HIT: To fitness at all ages and to all those dedicated to helping us get healthier.

HIT: To summer hikes. If wondering where or looking for something new, contact the Bear Yuba Land Trust.

HIT: To Gary Menary and Ashley Albee, prep athletes of the year.

HIT: To the Warriors, possibly the greatest NBA team ever, making short work of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who we forget breezed right on through the playoffs until they met that buzzsaw from the West in the championship series.

MISS: To Uber and its widespread sexist and otherwise boorish behavior with employees, starting at the top with the CEO.

HIT: To firefighters training and generally preparing for wildfire season.