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Hits & Misses in Nevada County (July 13)

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to drogers@theunion.com or bhamilton@theunion.com

MISS: From reader Bonnie McManus of Grass Valley to “those uncaring drivers who go as fast as they want up in the hills, hurting or killing deer. They may not have a heart for the deer, but I’m sure they don’t really want to hurt their precious cars. Slow down!”

HIT: To lower flows and safer swimming in the South Yuba River.

MISS: To making work that’s simple at root overly complicated because, well, we can? Case in point is firefighting, essentially the same work requiring the same attention for at least the past 100 years.

HIT: To WorldFest, a welcome oasis in a time of strife, where music from around the world not only is welcomed, not only is celebrated, but sends a good message about humanity. Oh, and the music itself is pretty darn good, too.

HIT: To the popularity of glamping, sort of a hybrid of camping and staying at a nicer hotel. The Inn Town Campground has tapped a rich vein here. Doesn’t hurt that downtown Nevada City is nearby, either.

HIT: To Sierra Doctors Medical Group filling the void where Rideout retreated.

HIT: To the flawless ice cream float, in case such a miracle exists.

HIT: To loosening up codes dealing with secondary dwelling places on properties in the county.

MISS: To the curious conclusion of the California Highway Patrol that there was no cause for the rather horrific head-on crash of two big-ol’ recreational vehicles in early June. “After all the investigation, we were unable to determine why,” a spokesman said. Well, one of the drivers crossed over the yellow line far enough and at the wrong time. And then, what? The crash just sort of mysteriously and randomly happened, who knows why?

MISS: To one tough lesson about the perils of holiday drinking to a point a lady falls over a second-story railing and shatters her spine.

HIT: To the woman taking responsibility and showing the backbone to discuss it. She should run for Congress.

HIT: To Peggy Levine, as fine an example of living a life fully as exists.

HIT: To being well prepared for fire season, now fully upon us.

HIT: To last weekend’s Air Fest, which attracted thousands Saturday despite the heat as well as air tankers adding to the show with their comings and goings fighting the big fire in Butte County.

HIT: To efforts to make the best use of the old Nevada City Airport land less than two miles from downtown, all 109 acres. Solar farm or biomass plant ranked high as idea, though it seems more aesthetic or recreational use would reach more people. Technology is speeding past the need for solar farms on public acreage, and biomass tends not to be what currently cracked up to be. Parkland might make the most sense.

HIT: To environmentally responsible logging, and loggers. This does exist.

MISS: To the cavalier and naïve approach to the prospect of opposition dirt from the Russians during the presidential campaign as exhibited in Donald Trump Jr.’s emails with a contact promising such.

HIT: To blood drives, including the Norah Foundation’s and the heart-breaking story behind the foundation.

HIT: To new restaurants, always exciting.

HIT: To the western Nevada County’s connections to the venerable Squaw Valley Community of Writers conference, to which smart locals visit. The organization was founded by Blair Fuller and Oakley Hall, father of Brett Jones and Sands Hall, who live in Nevada City and carry on the legacy with their sister Tracy and Brett’s husband, the novelist Louis Jones. The conference is a big deal, too, with who’s who of authors, agents, editors and such joining in.

MISS: To news that the average teenager is no more physically active than the average 60 year old. Of course, around here, we know some very active 60 year olds.

HIT: To western Nevada County winning more distinction with Grass Valley/Nevada City earning state designation as one of only 14 California cultural districts. But wait, there’s more. With Truckee also so designated, ours is the only county in the state to have more than one. This means 15 percent of all the cultural districts in a state with more people than Canada and higher GPA than France is here. How’s that for a hotbed of art?

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