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Hits & Misses in Nevada County (Aug. 3)

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to drogers@theunion.com or bhamilton@theunion.com

HIT: To the example set by Margaret “Midge” Scotten, so involved in all the right ways she got a school named after her.

HIT: To roller derby and some business professionals moms finding just the right athletic outlet.

HIT: To giving blood, literally a lifesaving act.

HIT: To Tim O’Conner, 90 and still directing the show for the Nevada City Readers Theatre.

HIT: To the kid, at least how O’Conner would regard Gary Snyder, 87, doing a public reading at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Open Book on Maltman Drive in Grass Valley. He and Professor Jason Wirth will introduce the book “Mountains, Rivers, and the Great Earth: Reading Gary Snyder and Dogen in an Age of Ecological Crisis.”

HIT: To efforts to fix the wooden ramp making the trail wheelchair accessible. More information at http://www.bylt.org.

HIT: To Nevada County’s own John Grebenkemper and especially his border collie Kayle, who has a real nose for human remains, possibly helping solve the riddle of Emelia Earhart, who vanished somewhere over the Pacific, along with co-pilot Fred Noonan, in 1937. The National Geographic Society employed them, among others, to join the search in June. National Geographic will report on their findings following lab work sometime in the future.

MISS: To stealing from your employer. Just saying.

HIT: To Doris and Roy Mitchell, celebrating 70 years of marriage, all in Grass Valley.

MISS: To Facebook gossip and willful ignorance generally, but especially regarding local crime. For all the “over-the-fence” rumor mongering, crime is flat. Not surging. Not even up. All that’s up is ignorance and certain pride in it, or at least enough gall to claim to know something you don’t.

MISS: To E. coli, nasty stuff, and dangerous at beaches such as recently at Lake Wildwood, where several children and a pregnant woman ingested the fecal matter and wound up seriously ill in the hospital.

HIT: To the county fair. Tickets on sale now.

MISS: To leaving small animals like dogs — and children — in the car, especially this time of year. A dog died in the LaBarr Meadows area recently.

MISS: To the combination of shortage and cost of housing in California which, of course, are linked to our detriment.

MISS: To the sad passing of Kenny Miller, a well known man about town who realized friends’ worst fears for him when his body was found in a Nevada City backyard.

HIT: To the idea that the cannabis industry is capable of stepping up like other legitimate businesses to help build community. Demands on community leaders to help the budding legal industry would go over better, too, if at least seasoned with contributions to community efforts to improve everything from homelessness to drug abuse to the environment.

HIT: To the Giants, at least, not doing anything stupid at the trade deadline to ruin their chances for a title run next year.

MISS: To that dash of unpredictable apparent madness becoming droningly clear this is habit, predictable as California summer sun. Normal, habitual behavior, that is to say. And here is new chief of staff John Kelly’s big challenge. As conservative think tanker Victor Davis Hanson put it, “madness is always a diminishing asset.”

HIT: To the Russian sanctions bill, with overwhelming bipartisan support to leave no doubt where America stands.

HIT: To a reset in the White House, with the Mooch done before he could do more damage and ex-Gen. Kelly at least looking like there might be a leader in the executive branch at last.

HIT: To allowing people to save dogs locked with the windows up in hot cars.

HIT: To getting a special song just for you, as retiring Nevada County Superintendent of School Holly Hermansen had at the swearing-in ceremony for her replacement, Scott Lay. County Board of Education member Bob Altieri wrote and performed the song with Melissa Parrett.

HIT: To high school sports participation reaching all-time highs. This is a great piece in overall education and bodes well for the future, as does participation across the spectrum of organized extracurricular pursuits. Helps knock down the harms of some other pursuits that maybe aren’t so healthy.

MISS: To Trump administration uncertainty directly causing health insurance companies to seek large premium increases, they say. The administration, if anything, is supposed to help, not add further harm to the wound the Republicans can’t seem to fix.

HIT: To the Senate, the only place where this can happen, engaging Democrats to take some practical steps to, you know, improve health insurance for those “American people” every politician yammers about as if their exclusive property. Goals are simple enough, if not easy: Better care at less expense. Like nearly every other developed nation’s in comparison to us. If the parties can come together over Russia, surely they can take on something that would help us.

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