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Hits & Misses: Grass Valley graffiti cleanup is a HIT

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. you can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to editboard@theunion.com.

HIT (from reader Ray Bryars): To Grass Valley for rapidly cleaning up the graffiti on Mill Street.

MISS (from Bryars): To The Union for posting a picture in The Union. Don’t you realize that this is exactly what the perpetrators want? Please stop glorifying it.

MISS (from Bryars): To Nevada City for not having a graffiti ordinance and leaving graffiti in the Commercial Street parking lot for weeks. Hey guys, start by adopting and enforcing the Grass Valley ordinance. It’s a great start.

MISS (from reader Catz Forsman): To the Nevada County Board of Supervisors. We’ve had the Rise Gold-sponsored survey. Now where’s the unbiased one belonging to the public?

HIT (from reader Susan Rogers): To Music In the Mountains’ recent concert at the wonderful, newly renovated Center for the Arts. The modern, sophisticated venue is the kind you’d find in any big city, and we are lucky to have it here. Seating was socially distanced and the air conditioning was perfect — I could feel the air moving but was not chilled by it. And of course, Ryan Murray and the musicians were terrific. How great it was to go out again.

MISS (from Rogers): To the TV monitors on either edge of the stage at the recent Music In the Mountains concert at Center for the Arts. The broadcast images were way smaller than what we could see by simply looking at the stage, and the constantly changing images (as cameras were switched) served only to distract my eyes. Hubby and I are hoping these screens will not be used at future events.

HIT (from Rogers): To Lumberjacks restaurant and staff for being open for breakfast on Monday morning of the three-day holiday weekend. We were lucky to get ahead of the mob, and one woman told us they’d been to three other places before finding Lumberjacks open. Our food was tasty and timely, and the hard-working staffers were pleasant and professional despite the crush.

MISS (from Editorial Board Shanti Emerson): To the closure and sale of Foothill Event Center. I spent many enchanted evenings there. What a beautiful venue! Best of luck, Mardie Caldwell, with whatever you do in the future. I am so sorry that you were unable to receive grants that would have enabled you to stay open. I hope you continue to with your adoption agency.

HIT (from Emerson): Wonderful Fourth of July parade in Grass Valley. What a tribute to our county’s first responders (fire, sheriff, police, search and rescue, etc), veterans, political parties, and charities! The classic Corvettes, Thunderbirds and Model As were a beautiful sight. I felt tears in my eyes more than once especially when Jamal Walker sang our national anthem. I think everyone there was so grateful to be together to celebrate the birth of our country.

HIT (from Emerson): To the spectacular show featuring fabric art at Center For the Arts. This is probably the best opening I’ve seen there. Special tribute to the 7-foot-tall felt woman sculpture created by talented long-time Sierra College teacher Faye Schoolcraft.

HIT (from Emerson): To the July 3rd Music in the Mountains patriotic celebration honoring all branches of the armed services with their anthems and a great flyover.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Jo Ann Rebane): To California’s gas tax scheme and today’s very high gasoline prices. Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act, raised the gas tax by 12 cents per gallon in 2017 and allowed for another 5.6 cent increase in 2019 and 3.2 cent increase in 2020. The gas tax has gone up again by 0.6 cents to keep up with inflation. Today the gas tax is 51.1 cents a gallon — the highest gas tax in the nation! Providing modern, safe infrastructure should be a basic tenet of state government.MISS (from Rebane): To recent vandalism in Grass Valley. Throwing eggs at cars and graffiti tagging of businesses, art displays, and public signage is worrisome. The antisocial behavior puts a dark feeling over our community. Those vandals must be caught, punished, and made to pay restitution.HIT (from Rebane): To the July Fourth local fireworks display. There were lots of blooms of reds and silver. Observers chimed in with oohs and ahhs for the gorgeous multi-stage blooms, which with their embedded additional blooms seemed like they might be the finale but weren’t, as there was much more to see. Thanks to the legion of local sponsors who helped make the Fourth a big, beautiful party.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Paul Matson): To the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s first Free Fishing Day last Saturday. Every year they offer two free days when no license is required to fish. California’s saltwater fisheries include salmon and halibut, many lakes and streams feature trout, and other waters bluegill, bass and catfish. We’ve got it all. Many metropolitan area park waters were stocked for this day. States agency information officer Peter Tira: “There’s always a big up-tick in the number of folks fishing on Free Fishing Day, and that is our goal – to encourage people to get out there and give it a try.” The next Free Fishing Day is Saturday, Sept. 4.

MISS (From Publisher Don Rogers): To Idaho-Maryland Mine opponents complaining that Rise Gold’s survey results should not have been published and explained, not realizing that suppressing such information would weaken their argument rather than strengthening it. They seriously think this should be a secret known only to, say, the county supervisors who will decide on whether to approve the plans? To know is an all-too rare gift.

MISS (from Rogers): To Rise Gold missing an opportunity to survey actual receptiveness to reopening the mine entirely free of framing.

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