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Hits & Misses: A HIT to the abundance of thrift stores in our county

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. you can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to editboard@theunion.com.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Thea Hood): To the abundance of thrift stores in our county which provide us with an exciting opportunity to go treasure hunting, never knowing what prize lies hidden on the shelves or hanging on the racks.

MISS (from Hood): To the report filed Aug. 19 by the California state auditor identifying mismanagement under Gov. Gavin Newsom in several high-risk areas, including water infrastructure, information security, and state management of COVID-19 federal funds. They reported that fraud and mismanagement have led to billions of dollars in losses in these areas.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Jo Ann Rebane): To the reopening of The Onyx Theater. It’s a small “art house” movie theater located on Argall Way in Nevada City. The long, 18-month closure has ended. They offer regular showings, private rentals, and implement updated standard protocols.

HIT (from Rebane): To the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, which has added a second K-9 to the officer corps with financial assistance from the Rüdiger Foundation, a local nonprofit.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Paul Matson): To reopening the national forests. At the stroke of midnight on Sept. 15, the Forest Service Pacific Southwestern Region reopened our very own Tahoe National Forest. This grand expansion of possible outdoor activities during this pandemic was great news. People are ready to camp, fish, hike, bike and enjoy! The Tahoe, with its 1,362 square miles, the Sierra Buttes, hundreds of lakes and reservoirs, plus comprehensive trail systems, is wonderful. Serving the public good was carefully weighed against the current fire danger. To protect this amazing resource and ourselves, please review the fire and other restrictions now in place. Visit https://www.fs.usda.gov/tahoe/ or call (530) 265-4531 and follow the phone prompts.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Tom Durkin): To the ongoing pandemic with so many preventable fatalities. At 675,000 deaths, we have just blown past the number of people of who died during the 1918 pandemic. We are currently averaging 2,000 deaths a day, and the end is not in sight. Anti-mask protests and vaccine hesitancy and resistance, fueled by misinformation, disinformation and moral turpitude, are prolonging this pandemic and are responsible for thousands of preventable, unnecessary deaths and millions of long-haul disabilities.

HIT (from Durkin): To news reported Wednesday by National Public Radio that a consortium of researchers advising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is predicting a “steady decline” in COVID-19 infections through this coming March. We are currently averaging 145,000 new cases a day. The research model shows about 9,000 cases a day by March. Let’s help this prove this prediction to be true by masking up and getting vaccinated.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Bruce Herring): To vaccinations.

MISS (from Herring): To a gold mine proposal in the 21st century.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Skip Pollard): To folks who choose to adopt a senior pet from a shelter, recognizing older animals still have lots of love to share regardless of why they’d been surrendered.

MISS (from Pollard): To people causing wildfires due to negligence or ill will (i.e., arson), as reported in Wednesday’s issue of The Union.

HIT (from Publisher Don Rogers): To possibly passing the crest of the Delta surge in new cases per day, although deaths continue climbing, at least for now.

MISS (from Rogers): From trying to attach certainty to such an evolving menace as this pandemic. If you are “following the science,” and few are, you know that nothing is settled, ever. Theories meet with new evidence, the virus mutates, we learn more, surprises happen. This isn’t because scientists are stupid, leaders are just trying to scare you or make you obey, the best health system in the world is corrupt, someone knows the answers and wants to keep them from you, and on and on. Consult with your doctor, practice safe behaviors, take a deep breath. Pandemics do end, eventually.

MISS (from Rogers): To the vulnerability of children to the Delta variant of COVID-19.

MISS: (from Rogers): To those who somehow still miss the facts that the highest transmission and highest toll of the Delta variant is falling on the unvaccinated. Probability is so much in the favor of vaccination against the much lower chances of catching the disease, dying of the disease or having a life-threatening reaction to the vaccines. This isn’t remotely a close call, but orders of magnitude a difference in risk.

HIT (from Rogers): To if not a lull, exactly, at least a little break from the intensity of this fire season since August, at least around our part of the Sierra as the Caldor and Dixie fires at last wind down.

MISS (from Rogers): To the El Diablo and Santana winds likely to blow in with fall days and that all-too-familiar pattern. Unfortunately, fire season will shift gears rather than end in the next couple of months, even with some rain. The strong downhill gusts that sometimes are even more pervasive at night brought the infamous and deadly Camp Fire that wiped out Paradise in an afternoon. Preparation and readiness for quick evacuation — perhaps in the middle of the night — are even more important in this coming season than ever.

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